i'm going to the tunnel. they're going home. 2 pt game!
  • bomani_jonesi'm going to the tunnel. they're going home. 2 pt game!

  • arthurmaklovinWorst fans ever.
  • matty_ice_I don't ever want to hear shit about LA fans...
  • chrismphillipsEspecially funny that the guy who likes ray allen so much he wore a bucks jersey was one of those leaving.
  • tvelliFuckin ridiculous!!!
  • the_718Wow, they missed an epic game. They deserved to miss it too
  • datboykaylothey didn't respect their team! you can't speak as a Heat fan when you do stoopid things like that
  • a_myers84LOL
  • aeriyktheredUnbelievable. Heat fans are the most fair weather fans on the planet.
  • kosher.beefcakeI can understand why that Bucks fan had left, he wasn't even at the right game.
  • phildown_@jmartinez2432
  • anti_gramWhat an embarrassment. Bc they have better things to do than watch the heat win in OT. Can't wait to hear u rip on this on Dan lebatard (snitch😝)
  • anti_gram@1oddgent actually, it's an old ray Allen jersey... And he hit the game tying 3 pointer to take it to OT.
  • 412medbI really think u were peepin the honey in orange.
  • henryhoughton_Watching this on around the horn right now!
  • natalialligatorLAAAAME!
  • caslantienneSee the one with the Allen's jersey ? ROFL
  • kimsmithtvHey! Just reaching out to see if I can use your picture on air at WSFA 12 News in Montgomery? Thanks!
  • semancik_zacharyLook at the guy with the bucks ray Allen Jersey. Lol @bomani_jones
  • vchenzo305Lmao I was at that Gm I didnt leave.. F**k every single 1 of them they all give Real Miami fans a bad name
  • vchenzo305Trust me its not all of us @alexepena
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