My people made some blue ones. Model @goodguybri #royalblue #tank #selfmade #duespaid
  • lukewessmanMy people made some blue ones. Model @goodguybri #royalblue #tank #selfmade #duespaid

  • infamous_sliderWhere can I order one @lukewessman
  • cyndieckleyDo you know when the black tanks will be back in stock?
  • shayenne_h👍
  • tintamexica@lukewessman I need that blue homie!! Really nice!!
  • mooondozLil ferm and i !die hard dodger fans ! I want 4 and how? Those would look clean with an LA brim!
  • stevewiebeStraight flexin @goodguybri
  • teresadoesit@jess_chocolate WANT.
  • bittrsweettwist@lukewessman what is the best way to get in touch with you about getting some tats done? I've emailed, called! !? Not sure what more I can/should do? Are you not available to people you don't know? Do I have to be referred by someone you know? Help!
  • lukewessman@bittrsweettwist at the time being I'm just doing first come first serve in NYC and working on taking some appointments when I come back and forth to Cali. Thanks for asking -L
  • chrimediLove the blue @lukewessman !!
  • goodguybri@stevewiebe gotta throw the model body around homie.
  • lukewessman@chrimedi 😊
  • bittrsweettwist@lukewessman thank you for answering me! Much appreciated! But if I'm looking for custom art tattoos from you, walking in doesn't seem the best route? So how/where do I make an appointment? I've searched long and hard and tag! Your it! I'm looking for collaboration and your do I make that happen? Again, thank you for your time!
  • lukewessman@bittrsweettwist almost every piece I tattoo is custom, I know how to draw so I do it on the spot. But just email me or come in if you want to talk about your piece in more detail ahead of time. X
  • bittrsweettwist@lukewessman once again, thanks for replying! What's the best email address to use to contact you? And I know you can draw, you're being're an extremely talented artist! That's why I want you!
  • lukewessman@bittrsweettwist sometimes I get a lot of emails and some get over looked from time to time ) thank you x
  • bittrsweettwist@lukewessman awesome, thank you! I'll definitely email you later today or tomorrow...I'm so happy to finally be in touch with you...You've made my day! Thanks again....Steph
  • dandestroyerFuuuck I want this
  • kaylamaclellan_How do I get my hands on a tank like this? My boyfriend would love it!
  • deee__91@lukewessman real sorry for the bother .. Just wondering how would I be able to grab say a tee of this would I be able to .. Thanks heaps
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