Gotta swim with them, not sure why the surfer got out the water...
  • ochocincoGotta swim with them, not sure why the surfer got out the water...

  • geerivGo on Facebook the page is called WBLS 107.5 & look at that leaked photo they have up!! Smh #TrustMe
  • t_brassetteThat mother F er will eat you with out thinking about it
  • luckypuffsgsI dare u to slap its ass, but you gotta tell the whale how great he is at being a whale
  • measodivastyleI thought u were in jail for 100days
  • ___coop@cashcampaign lmaooooo!!
  • kelitamadridWoooooow amazing @ochocinco !!! Love pic 😉😽
  • iamjfonseca@ochocinco The surfer did not get out of the water, despite being told by the lifeguards to do it.He said the waves were too good to miss.
  • norab02Free ochocinquito!!!
  • bigwill78@thecriticalchef it's not about passing judgement tho. It's about being real with these celebrities rather than consigning or laughing at the foolishness. That's all I'm saying....personally, I think he's a good dude. I just think he needs to grow up and start making better decisions.
  • themagicman32_johnsonIt's all good till that whale decides you look tasty
  • favored_guy7Lmao I bet ocho be laughing at these comments from these lames as much as I be. Some of Y'all are wack, yet hilarious!
  • ashleymariahxo@favoredguy7 lol right
  • vanesss519@suga_shan3 the reason I don't dive anymore
  • doomdoom00Bravo Martin your the best
  • elpescatoreSick shot! Would not want to be surfing that close to them tho. Most ferocious animal in ocean. They kill great whites all the time, especially when theres calves in the pod
  • elpescatoreStill would be such a cool experience fir that guy
  • total_threatFish mans best friend !! Fish won't really hurt u but people will 🙏
  • shellynorthSuper Kewl!
  • brandondalton@ianstudmuffin
  • strange_societyIt's a killer whale. They kill!
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