#snapchallenge .@foodbanknyc we're only spending $1.50 per meal so the the government doesn't cut Food Stamp budgets.
  • mikeposner#snapchallenge .@foodbanknyc we're only spending $1.50 per meal so the the government doesn't cut Food Stamp budgets.

  • penny_lemonadeYum!
  • emmaflowerssBan
  • kelly.allison@dbralay uh I'm pretty sure that if some poor people were actually able to have jobs, they would. Many of them aren't qualified
  • db8ng1@dbralay: c'mon man. Being on food stamps doesn't keep people lazy! It keeps them from starving. That said, it's not as if you get enough in food stamps to feed a large family or indulge in a lot of healthy and/or tasty foods. It's the bare minimum to keep people alive. You gotta know your stuff before you preach!
  • underthekevinfluenceSalad dressing in the back. Pretty sure that's your whole budget already. Lol.
  • whoisnickstoneBro ive been eating dollar meals for years you aint shit to me bruh i run the game
  • dbralay@kells_is_pretty_coolio I totally agree. As a person in a household that receives food stamps, and works two jobs to support my household, they make it all but impossible to move forward unless u manage to find a way to extend the day to 36 hours, find a free babysitter, make 7.50 an hour 30 or less hours a week stretch for 30-31 of those 36 hour days, they will cut u completely off. If u have an debt card and u go to school or get a job at McDonalds they will act as though you won the lottery. I've seen this first hand. The people making the laws regarding food stamps have no concept of what a person who actually gets thems life is like.
  • dbralayEbt not debt sry
  • chroniclesofazu@mikeposner love you and all..and no disrespect, but your salad did not cost $1.50
  • jmotron21185Another school yard trick!?
  • a__asoumaThe best thing to think about the musical tune
  • youknowmuzzSuch a humble guy!!
  • jessejujuYou spent a whole $1.50 on that?
  • gia1624We need more people like you in this world
  • mrshuts6176 to ensemble. not a bad chain brother!
  • alwayslookinupDope!
  • lionaquineyUr jus notha example of n amazing person mike! :) So happy 2 c u doin dis!!
  • robpharaohFuck food stamps people abuse that shit
  • tradinngthisaccount@robpharaoh you missed the entire point.
  • tinker.chelle@mikeposner yum! I really have no idea who you are but I absolutely love your pictures! :) the horse one is my fave! ☺️
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