Like this image if you are proud to be a nail professional, and tell us what inspires you every day #CNDShellac #StraightFromThePros #JanArnold
  • cndworldLike this image if you are proud to be a nail professional, and tell us what inspires you every day #CNDShellac #StraightFromThePros #JanArnold

  • tynitty411🙌🙌🙌
  • leeleebrownThat's awesome!!!! Exactly how I feel ❤❤❤❤❤p.s. I love cnd products !!!
  • bombchelle96I love that my job is to make ppl feel better! Plus w all the possibilities to create something. It can b beautiful, silly, edgy, scary, funky...but its always an expression of feelings and creative. I live for that!
  • lacquerlyfeHaving such a small canvas and making it look amazing is too much fun. @bombchelle96 & @jey_marie10 great answers! ... @polishd_nails what do you love about industry?
  • bombchelle96@lacquerlyfe I am always amazed by the art nail techs create. Even though the look may b over the top, and might not fit ur everyday manicures, the fact that perfect art was created on such a tiny canvas is nothing short of awesome!
  • lacquerlyfe@bombchelle96 it is amazing seeing out of this world runway looks ... You are always thinking did they do that???
  • poshandpolishdLove everyone's answers.. @lacquerlyfe I know how great I feel after I paint my nails, and if I can recreate that same feeling for someone else while having a great conversation, my job is complete!! And doing what you love while getting paid is by far the best feeling in the world!!! Some of us may not be as good of an artist as the next one (cough cough Jocelyn) BUT, we all bring something different to the table, and that's what makes this industry so unique!!! 💅😍
  • lacquerlyfeSuch an awesome answer @polishd_nails !!! There really is something so therapeutic about conversation & a great mani/pedi. & I love that everyone brings something different to the table as well! Thanks Girl... but BTW you give a serious massage during your manis! & you should get a 👑 for your polish knowledge.
  • poshandpolishdYaaasss!!! And thank u so much! I have to make up in my "lack of artistic abilities" dept 😉 @lacquerlyfe
  • honeytherapyI love creating nails that people cannot stop staring and tell me how 'wowed' they are. It's so good for the nail mojo 😀 there's such amazing inspiration from so many talented techs so I always believe in supporting each other ❤ there is no better feeling than awesome feedback from fellow techs 💅💅
  • pretty_burd_Everything from other artist to music. .fashion my life but most of all my children who are not just an inspiration but also a motivation to keep going and push myself to reach my goals!
  • lacquerlyfe@polishd_nails Don't underestimate yourself you've got skills!!!
  • poshandpolishd@honeytherapy agreed!!!!
  • sarahg_nailtech@carlabgarcia
  • tiffjb27Love this! I'm inspired by people willing to be creative with colors or designs, going out of their box and not caring what others think! I also agree that I'm inspired by everything around me with art, fashion and music. Life is beautiful and it's amazing to be able to being that out in nails!
  • cndworldYou are all amazing and inspiring!
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