Not a bad day today.
  • teamvicNot a bad day today.

  • newmanj_@jack_santoro3
  • gmanricanU perform. ...U Get pay...why's a business. ...U don't perform... u get tell me what's wrong with saying ... SHOW ME THE MONEY
  • npasqua91^^^ Cut him then, I don't want a go-kart star. He needs to PRACTICE.
  • joenav8@anthonylethal couldn't have said it better myself
  • bobbylytHope ya release stress this way bro. Hope it all works out. I can't afford another jersey. Lol. Serious ima giants fan but man to man do what's best for you bro. Glad your part of the g-men though. Hope it all works out for ya. Bobby Damitz VA
  • shorthairptrProblem here is he thinks he's worth more then he really is. He was undrafted, hurt first season, great 2nd season, threatened to hold out until NYG reconstructed his contract, had good (lots of drop balls during crucial points of games), so I think NYG are offering him a fair deal! Don't like it? Leave and Rueben Randel will step right in. Play, prove, & shut up!
  • evan_athertonBetter not get hurt in that thing
  • _los_rThe best wr in NFL victor PUERTORICAN Cruz :-)
  • cd56nyHis daddy was a Black Man! !!!!!!
  • psmallz@teamvic holding down umass Amherst!!!! The zoo
  • trida_brown@teamvic my boy @keith_carlos is a of the glen now. He showed love to day hood the other day. Glad he made it. Showem love
  • grace.oshea27I hav the same go kart
  • shotta223Fhgsfffsgdvfsgwhgsvssndjfbdhhevdhhfff
  • angelarandyguoThe dude behind looked like Anderson cooper
  • ben.poudrierNice
  • evnbksVic my crazy uncle has one of those things he is a crazy G-MEN
  • jack_s132Sick
  • accoladelacrosseYa dont say ?
  • fallonrochelle#sweg
  • hard_4lifeThat's raw doe
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