Warming up for #LifeClass w @iyanlavanzant. ( freezing cold in studio) upload your pics #LifeClassStudents
  • oprahWarming up for #LifeClass w @iyanlavanzant. ( freezing cold in studio) upload your pics #LifeClassStudents

  • eng.abdulazizyahyaكيف وصلتو هنا 😂😂
  • ac_lovebabyIf I don't get help...I'm going to end up literally killing myself;suicide. My name is Angela. I'm a 25yr old emotionally unstable woman...who suffers from depression, and an addiction to love...not sex. I feel like I'm in a dark tunnel giving men light that I don't allow myself to use. I'm obsessed with needing to be in a relationship where I can fix man to my expectations...while hurting myself...going broke/tired giving my all to show love...but I never receive it back...it feels like death, but I just happen to still be breathing. HELP ME PLEASEEEE.

    Angela 253-888-1386
  • chaeliinlee@lord_brouhaha i didnt know oprah was in E.T !!?!?
  • vortron3000IMAJSJDJCBHDBSAK @ccjpeg
  • tsam2013@ac_lovebaby Here is the real inner happiness that your heart was looking for ♡♥ http://www.islamicbook.ws/english/islamic-books2.html
  • theperfectpartyfavorI love you two powerful women
  • missbo1All natural and beautiful:-)
  • 4eqq😍🌹
  • jamestorres@kellyhigashida y u in a blanket LOL so funny :)
  • kellyhigashidaLol what?!?! @jamestorres
  • fghcv40انسانه مسالمه
  • aliazgilaحلو good
  • nicko_seculovthis is a picture of me and Oprah before you were even born @annaezell_
  • yazd_isatis👌
  • zegresham@delafielder
  • melaniecradockWhere did oprah get this pic of us??? @biancahempston
  • parham_parmesسلام من یک زن ایرانیم به کمک احتیاج دارم از صبح تا شب کارکردن و حمالی کردن غرغر صاحبکار که عین تراکتور آزمون کار میکشه خسته شدم میخوام پیش بچه هام باشم پولدارا یک میلیون کمکم کنید من خونه بخرم یه کار برای خودم راه بندازم بهتون پس میدم خواهش میکنم
  • parham_parmesخوش به حالت که از ته دلت میخندی چون پولداری
  • ruthb87@cgee87
  • billy_feuerman🍒
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