Words can explain. Happy Fathers Day!!
  • diddyWords can explain. Happy Fathers Day!!

  • gorgeous0430Shit he can afford them all
  • ke_whyteGreat man
  • saintgrace11@iamdiddy blessed
  • cinaturabHahhah ofc @gorgeous0430
  • windupgurlGlad all your children know each other, God Bless your family.
  • itz_tanielleWoooow the twins are soo big now!! Beautiful family @iamdiddy hope u had a wonderful Fathers Day!!
  • dessert.child_Were all the moms there too?
  • imma_starr02I didn't know diddy had another daughter
  • mzgordon1996Family!
  • huntersmomisdabombAre those all of your kids?
  • machinegunkehlQUINCY THO 😍
  • annodalleb_belladonnaHe actually have 5 kids because the older boy is not his son hes actually the twins mom son (kim porter) from a previous relationship with (AL B SURE), but he treat him as his own and I give him much respect for taking on another man's reponsibility
  • annodalleb_belladonnaThats wat happens when u dont care for ur kids there always another man ready n willing to ur job so I guess he have 6 then lol
  • shugtexasI wish I had a daddy like u. hell I just wish I had a daddy. I respect u diddy.
  • _ellechicI salute diddy, he's doing what my dad has done & still doing being a father for another man and that's exactly what my dad is to me...
  • mzgoodie2shoesThe girls look just like Justin! cute!!!
  • divalicious76leeLove it!!
  • denisedepassFamily first.
  • unique_43thatismeYou're doing the damn thing............While ppl saying NEGATIVE STUFF!!! ALL I CAN SAY GET BOUT YOURS, and you can have the same G MOM ALWAYS SAID IF YOU DON'T HAVE NOTHING GOOD TOO SAY THEN KEEP YOU MOUTH CLOSE!!! I'm PROUD OF ALL MY PPL THAT'S DOING GOOD FOR THEMSELVES, the ONES I KNOW And those that I don't! Nothing comes to a DREAMER BUT A DREAM!!! Ppl better wake up & and QUIT SLEEPING ON LIFE!!! RNS!!!!
  • im_heartless_ass_hellIt does not matter how many mothers there are he showing that there is 1 father
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