Celebrating my Dad's life today. We couldn't ask for a better man, he left us with more than I could ever imagine. Love you Pops! Happy Father's Day!
  • treycanardCelebrating my Dad's life today. We couldn't ask for a better man, he left us with more than I could ever imagine. Love you Pops! Happy Father's Day!

  • papakriegYour father is with you everyday Trey!
  • cowbellmxSo wonderful to have hope in eternity! I think Jesus will have a track of gold too!
  • tmikedixonGod Bless!
  • kickerarenacrossI miss all the great times with Roy while racing 59th and Douglas. What a fantastic father and husband
  • samferguson1Thanks Trey! You are the best!
  • andycourtwright@treycanard I know your dad is looking down smiling right now, you're my role model I hope to be like you some day!
  • moto_state_of_mindhe'll always be with you Trey
  • scottdp1203@treycanard I lost my father too at a young age but always keep faith... A top guy and a top mx rider..good luck for the rest of the season dude!!!
  • zjenkins25Thank you trey for that piece of your.delicious sand which this weekend you are a huge idol to me and and great testimony of God! @treycanard @treycanard @treycanard
  • _yz85ismyride_Hi Trey canard my dad loves u cause my little brother looks like you
  • moto_racer_108Hey trey. Your one of my favorite 450 rider there is. You don't know who I am but I'm only 10 years old so most of your motocross racers don't know me. Like @malessi800 said thanks for what I said not knowing who I am
  • kayleigh.braileyDon't give up. Make a difference like he did. You are my role model and I know I couldn't say that about anyone else except my mom. You make me never want to give up amd push the limits of my sport just like you do. And I know ypure not first in the points but you're in the top ten and I know you always try you're hardest and I love watching you race every weekend. Someone bought me your movie for my birthday and I've watched it about 10 times and I've watched revival 41 10 times too. I know your dad was a big part of your life and the main reason you started racing and its hard to go on without him even this long after he passed away but I know you do it now because you love and to make your dad proud. You make all of yours fans proud just getting on your bike everyday. And you'll be reunited with your dad some day and I know he'll be proud of all that you've accomplished already. And I know you don't know who I am, but you are a big part of my life. I also have your shirt that I bought for charity. And I'm hoping that someday ill get to meet you and take a picture with you and thank you for everything you've done for me. To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world and to me your are the world. I wouldn't be able to find a better role model. I honestly think of you as a father figure because my dad just talks me down amd everything you say makes me feel like I can do anything i want. And most motocross riders I know personally are full of themselves and I know that you would give the shirt off your back to someone in need. And I want to be just like you. And I know you probably will never read this but I am your biggest fan. And I know that you've changed a lot of other peoples lives, mine included, and you are just getting started. And I really appreciate how much time you put into riding and being who you are
  • kayleigh.braileyThank you.
  • bwuckert21That's the best comment I've ever read @kaylay3333
  • correr92Most deff @kaylay3333 very well spoken. I hope @treycanard reads that
  • kayleigh.braileyMe too @correr92
  • kayleigh.braileyThank you. He's made such a difference in my life even though I can't race. @wuckert71
  • wobbleeMiss racing with you and your brother and hangin out at the shop. Your dad was a good dude.
  • zcarrico15@greenwell_34 that's so sad :(
  • santiagorenteYou are my idol trey, you have one of the most inspirational story's in the AMA
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