...I still stand behind my thinking that anything is possible of you put your mind to it
  • tipsarevicjanko...I still stand behind my thinking that anything is possible of you put your mind to it

  • lteslaMaybe you shouldn't be so judgmental. Very unprofessional coming from a person who is supposed to be a role model to kids.
  • dullsarnot nice at all :O
  • lteslaAlso all you people saying Walmart think your so high class. How do you know unless you shop at Walmart! Find God in your lives!
  • by4ko@tipsarevicjanko brate you're dropping in the rankings faster than she's gaining weight
  • lteslaby4ko good one!
  • jjfan98Funny how u just said not to be judgemental and u just go along and agreeing to this guy...that was being judgemental. What a hypocrite! @lukat03
  • lteslaActually I said good one I didn't make the judgement you need to read a little better @jasonfan98
  • lteslaHahaha
  • jjfan98Lol you were intending it. You agreed to a judgemental comment..which makes you judgemental...which makes you a hypocrite..you need to make better excuses @lukat03
  • jjfan98Hahaha
  • lteslaAbsolutely not intending and stop arguing with people about stupid things life is too short better spend it on those tennis skills@jasonfan98
  • jjfan98And you agreed to a judgemental comment. Lol you're really bad at making excuses and covering up your sins. I applaud you👏. @lukat03
  • yudhiesh_Haha good one
  • velundoReally tipsy? I wouldn't stand by my thinking that anyone can "grow" (and in your case actually grow) an inch after a comment like that... #lostrespect #norespect
  • rachbtaylor😳 @t_spoon_
  • liliasasa@sanialm2 nan mais regarde moi ça stoplai!!! Ptdr!!!
  • sania_lm@liliasasa heuuuuuuuu j ai pas compris la 😯😯
  • liliasasa@sanialm2 c son boule un big mac lol😂😂
  • dalyboiههههههههههههههههههههه وسخ
  • filoflow@rebecacostoya ella tiene novio
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