6 of 17 super creative dishes from Namaaz Dining, the very first molecular gastronomy restaurant specializing in Indonesian food!

From upper left: Pempek Kapal Selam, Sumsum Dabu-dabu, Udang di Balik Batu (inspired by a famous Indonesian proverb that translates to 'Shrimp Behind the Stone' in English), Garang Asam, Manisan Cianjur and the last soapy one down there; Hidangan Pencuci Mulut (another cleverly disguised dish, literally translated from an ambiguous Indonesian phrase 'Pencuci Mulut' that actually means Dessert, but could also mean Mouth Wash in English, lol). All in all, the whole course was delightful to our eyes, taste buds and minds. One dish is more surprising than the next. My family and I certainly had a pleasant and unforgettable dinner experience!

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