Paris we out chea!
  • omareppsParis we out chea!

  • mshannahkang👍👌👍👌👍
  • seattlegyrlWatching Juice right now! What a coincidence!
  • 3_4_1Handsome black men @omarepps
  • cherry617sweetMy whole family is there
  • ladyuniqueeeeAlways LOVED u... @omarepps
  • ashanti.ashantiOmar Love at first sight since #Juice #Q true love never dies lol live it up live it up! Keep keeping on
  • ashanti.ashantiTell @marlonlwayans I said waaassssuupp
  • roc_36Always cool with it! Keep doing your thing!
  • truckergirl143Old friends should keep in touch. .miss you. .
  • viva_la_tiffanyHappy Fathers Day! 🙌
  • astoldbyliz_awesome! :)
  • allhailcaesar1cuhCan I get a job ill work for real
  • allhailcaesar1cuhWhat up @omarepps
  • niccalam@omarepps Omar I should tell u now I love u I think you are so gorgeous the eyes incredible your lips I could only imagine kissing your lol cute walk lol how can I be on side of it ... I have the biggest crush on u just thought u should no p.s Monica E.
  • missk216Bitch he is MARRIED!!! Have some respect for yourself and his wife! The nerve @niccalam
  • niccalam@missk216 you lol miss mam are rude I had no Idea he was married for that I thank u but bitch watch how you handle me hoe the box says comment so I did now I no he married ill watch how I handle myself but u show dick watching real hard I'm pretty sure he love her and respect her an I will do the same but if u ever want to see me you know where to find me ... And ps It doesn't change the fact I adore him it's called freedom of speech bitch
  • kryssipooThirsty. And in an effort to defend herself she also sounds highly uneducated.
  • muziklvr1949Lovely smile @omarepps
  • ladys81Beautiful smile
  • _sharon11I love you so much Omar I think you are so fine I watched all your movies you dj for my school in manhattan lower east side is 131 when i was like 14 that was in 92 i didnt kno who u were back then but u was fine u always have been fine n still till this day is fine I love your swagg I love everything about you you did your thing in juice my Fav movie is love&basketball I watch that movie like 5-6x a week I'm watching it as I'm leaving you this comment that love story is everything you aske so handsome I give anything to meet you IV always wanted to meet you to giv u a hug take a pic with u that would mean the world to me @omarepps luv u down 💯❤❤💋💋
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