Who's at Baltimore's pride parade? #pride #baltimorepride (@migold01/Baltimore Sun) #gay #lgbt
  • baltimoresunWho's at Baltimore's pride parade? #pride #baltimorepride (@migold01/Baltimore Sun) #gay #lgbt

  • freakyfergie15That is very disrespectful to America. What makes people think they can do this. Ok we get that your a fag, ya don't have to shove it in my damn face
  • tyanosky@freakyfergie15 I hear ya son!
  • doubleohkevin@freakyfergie15 ignorance is disrespectful to America.
  • goodoleyWe get that you're a bigot, @freakyfergie15. You don't have to shove it in my damn face.
  • freakyfergie15What I'm ignorant because I have a different viewpoint than you? That's ignorant. @doubleohkevin
  • jennsjackpot"Disrespectful to America..." PlEASE, speak for yourself!
  • jdizz12345@freakyfergie15 I agree with you that the flag is disrespectful, but do you really have to show off how much of an ignorant redneck you are by calling someone a fag? I get it, you're insecure about your own sexually, "ya don't have to shove it in my damn face!"
  • laceykate_@freakyfergie15 who the hell says "fag?" That word shows how small minded you are. Guess what? Straight people are the ones conceiving "fags" so do us all a favor and don't reproduce. The world would be better off with less people like you.
  • amazingjustin621@jennsjackpot I agree with you 100%. That is so disrespectful to America.
  • serahhhhhhhh#straightforequality
  • megglesmeggles@freakyfergie15 it appears that you're a high school student. I hope with time you'll learn that it's great to share your opinion, but no one will listen to it when you use slurs. Also, it's super easy to find your info on linked in with your instagram info so, people might not hire you when they see your homophobic attitude!
  • aqlifePractice tolerance
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