Tonight's a fantastic night for an outdoor concert Ohio!
  • brandonheathTonight's a fantastic night for an outdoor concert Ohio!

  • brookie.hamlinI want to meet you so bad!!
  • angelarieglerI live in OH!! I wish i could be there!!
  • mandie.aikinCant wait!!!! I'm the short blonde girl by the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pegcassHey Brandon wish I could be there to see you would love to see you again enjoy your evening
  • jacobcalloway77I went to school with Tj Magee
  • hollandgracefSo pretty!!! Did you take that photo? :) Btw, please come to Charleston SC soon! Do you still visit Asheville NC? It's so nice up there... :) @brandonheath
  • the_real_archercraftI live in Ohio!!! I want to be there!!!!!😬
  • abbyhergertIt was awesome last night!!!!!!!! XD
  • leviborden88Please come to Kansas City, MO or Maybe Hannibal, MO please I want to see you perform and meet you. Wish you would come to Missouri.
  • janelizelenaPlease have a concert in NC!! @brandonheath
  • chanahzrienMy friend Tj opened for you in Ohio & my brother Moshe ran into you last night :-) He knew I would be jealous so he sent me a pic of you all together. Craziness! I was at the concert too lol great performance & worship :) @brandonheath
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