Naps. #merrymove2013 #codeman #merrypadathome
  • merrypadNaps. #merrymove2013 #codeman #merrypadathome

  • shell_kiAhhhh...pregnancy naps. I miss those. Although this is probably more of a holy heck I'm tired from the move nap. Moving is tiring!
  • merrypad@the236 Moving sleepies. Pregnancy-wise I'm feeling great! If we had moved a month ago though, I would have been useless.
  • ashley_meyerlawLove your fireplace!!!
  • emilymcboyleEnjoy laying on your back now - not being able to is the single thing I have been complaining about daily since I became a tiny human maker. :p
  • merrypad@designbuildluv Thank you! Me too!
  • merrypad@emilymcboyle The discomfort started early for you?
  • snapkat77That looks like a giant couch! My hubby would love it for naps!
  • merrypad@snapkat77 It is nice - a 9-footer - but the material it's woven from is terrible. Very pillu
  • merrypadPilly
  • emilymcboyleSince its my first, I have done a LOT of reading and found early on its good to sleep on your side starting the 2nd trimester. I took that to mean it was better to start sooner and now I just can't bc I'll wake up with back pain bc my girl is so big (about 6lbs of baby at this point)!
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