Today is the 15th anniversary of "The Shot"
  • commonToday is the 15th anniversary of "The Shot"

  • sassycharjClassic!
  • abbychan2391I believe I can fly!
  • rkinlaw88"the shot" actually refers to the game vs Cleveland in 89.... You still mah niggey tho @common
  • mrtatslovesinkThis will always be talked about nba history in still a jazz fan
  • ljfdythis the last shot in 98....because mj retired the following year because he said he lost he desire to play the game
  • sarita801Utah jazz!!
  • vwgauthier@cg9924 hey
  • frenchkid303Classic, timeless moment when I was a kid!
  • tj.m11The last shot of @mj career @common bcuz i dont count the the bullets
  • tvalvi"The Shot" was against the Cavs, not the Utah Jazz
  • danny_oohhRussell was like whaaaaaaaaaa just happened @common
  • teamab2U mean the push off #offensivefoul @common
  • kilobrown2333The Shot was against Georgetown If you want The truth....against The Cavs...They labeled it multiple things...against Utah its "The Last Shot" along with the 14s he was wearing have the same name
  • carter_drivenbyabetterlifeI'm still upset with refs 4 letting Mj get away with the push off @common
  • eckmagramHate the jazz but mj got away with that push. Poor Bryon Russell
  • apacheeze"Push off"? Please every single last second game (esp the 90's) the refs let players play. Jordan got fouled before the shot even occurred anyway which would have resulted in 2 made free throws. Your choice @truth_b_told3403
  • thedejolife^PREACH^
  • detailscountThe Push off
  • kevin_shinnThe last shot
  • bkayanie_88I don't want to talk about this. But ****push off****
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