• pftompkinsJohn Hodgman & Andy Daly helpfully leave a space into which you might photoshop yourself.

  • littlelaneI love this.
  • heychrischinYou three need to get Matt to do more SuperEgo!
  • papalunchboxAnd then they used a grainy filter to complicate things.
  • dubiprIt's like John and Andy left the space for the hitch hiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion. Great pic
  • goosedogAndy Daly's Comedy Death Ray bit blows my mind. "I gotta tell you I dunno, I dunno, you know?"
  • oh_andersonI was literally right by the theatre and my friend, brother, and I were unable to go. If there is a better example of tragedy I would like to hear it. (This excludes 9/11, WWII, ect.)
  • jeanniebluemelI follow that guy on twitter. Pretty funny
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