Do you believe in miracles?
  • diddyDo you believe in miracles?

  • jessiimamii@louisa_25 your welcome 😘
  • jessiimamiiTheir children, your an adult. It's no where near as bad @louisa_25 your a hypocrite for calling anyone ugly, look at the state of you... That head, put a bag on it.
  • jessiimamiiLOL you want to talk about my boyfriend 😂😂😂😂 your girlfriends got a face like a dropped pie, did you kick her teeth in or something. Oh and your no size 6 super model yourself @louisa_25 I've had 2 children tho, what's your excuse? Too much pie Bwahahaha
  • jessiimamiiI love it @louisa_25 is that the only bad thing you have to say about my face??? Considering the way you look I assume so. Get your eyes sorted, you look like you've got down syndrome.
  • jessiimamiiOkay grammatical genius @louisa_25 👏 clap clap
  • jessiimamiiLOL desperate? Not enough to stoop to your level sweet heart. Those is glass houses shouldn't throw stones. @louisa_25
  • jessiimamii@_loboca
  • jessiimamiiYou are GORGEOUS!! 😲
  • jessiimamiiLOL hairy kids?? Hahaha!
  • jessiimamiiYeah your perfect hey, clown feature Lowie @louisa_25 I put my profile in private because you have no right to leave abusive or offensive comments... Wanna take it over board, did u comment on any of your pics? Umm no I didn't. I look better than either of you two rats. Things both of you no life losers commented didn't hurt me at all... As easy as pressing delete 😉 but thanks for taking time out of your pathetic lives 😘
  • jessiimamiiOhhh your sisters Bwahahaha you both got hit with the ugly stick lmaoooooo poor girls
  • lara_africiateOh wow same tooth out in the same spot @iamdiddy
  • cocodiva_only_1Aww they are soo adorable!!
  • makeupdoll_extraordinar@iamchaston
  • rontisha_@jaidajess7 my bad dont shoot me I tagged the wrong person dang
  • jessiimamiiAhh okies @august12th_imgone no worries 😊 yeah those girls were putrid, even went on my pics calling my kids and nephews and nieces ugly... Some people 😒
  • babyboo3870yahoocomYes I do and your twins do look like your father
  • philohot1babyycuteBoth look cute i love them mmwaaaa!!!
  • philohot1babyycuteCute girls i wish to have them...
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