Home away from home, diver Motorhome lot. Sunset at #MISpeedway
  • travispastranaHome away from home, diver Motorhome lot. Sunset at #MISpeedway

  • lesniak2016I have looked up to you since I was 6, I'm 15 now. Every single birthday wish, each time I'd blow a dandelion, every time I'd throw a penny in a fountain, I would wish: "I want to meet Travis Pastrana." Each and every night in bed, I would think of you, that way I could dream about meeting you once I fell asleep. I'm not just another die hard fan of '#199-Mr. Pastrana.' I have looked up to you, admired you and your decisions, the way you do what you love, no matter what happens. You are my inspiration, you are amazing and you are the one and only idol I will ever have, you are ... Travis Pastrana.
    ~Ryan Lesniak
  • _barner81michael_You inspired me to ride! I've been riding since I was 3, I would do anything to ride with you!!
  • buffy0721Travis..... You are such am awesome role model for everyone .... Young and old .... Thank you for being you:)
  • galvi_mg97Woow I love this photo!
  • federico_schroederbel tramonto
  • sticky_1kOnly following 22 ppl.? @travispastrana
  • jjmidenceWhat a beautifull pic
  • 6eddyI was there
  • rc340The best person of all time
  • snooklife_He is asome huge fan of nitro circus
  • joeyt1221Me and my dad think your the best. Awesome!!!!!!!!!
  • obrien.moMy dad was there!! 😄
  • darelyn2006Big fan of thrillbillies
  • msensei21You're a real inspiration man. Coolest dude on the plane. Definitely one of my role models! #199
  • margo12340Beautiful sunset.
  • 1pooper_scooper1Hey Travis I'm a huge fan of the nitro circus I love all if your shows and movies there awesome I really want to be like you and in gonna be coming to your show in Dallas Texas I can't wait if you can talk to me in your free time that would be great thanks don't forget I'm a huge fan of the nitro circus :)
  • brycen_grilloThat's a really sick pic
  • skye_barychkoYou should come to Albuquerque drag way! Watch the other jr dragsters and I race(:
  • skye_barychkoPlus I would love to meet you(:
  • westonrowellHey man, are you still planning on coming to woodward tahoe? Would love to meat you
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