Thank you @onecampaign for having me tonight! Was an honour! ❤✌
  • isthatjessiejThank you @onecampaign for having me tonight! Was an honour! ❤✌

  • cath_lewis79Love the coat. ❤
  • dieinarainbowI LOVE YOU JESSIE ♡
  • heartbeatsworldAww x @jesbiana hahaha
  • guest93planeI like your jacket BIG J
  • xelliehillsLove the jacket
  • gemmy_bearYou were amazing as always! I uploaded a pic too :) xx
  • isthatjeissejHow cute is it impossible to be? ♥
  • jasminewillcoxDo you reply to people when they comment on your pictures? @isthatjessiej
  • gem_bob12You look very nice lovely :)
  • jessieloverhbAmazing amazing amazing amazinggggggggggggggg!!!🌙❤ Love coat on you😊
  • larco1975😊😊😊
  • livi.emilyyOmfg I love you so much I got tickets for you in Aberdeen and its on my birthday 21st October omg I'm so excited I was crying when I got them. 😊💕
  • heartbeatonlyHave u seen the like button U r AMAZING
  • serena.keilyOne of my friends at school was always bullied, long story short I loved your songs and I came across 'who's laughing now' and I showed her and she loved it because she had dreams of becoming a singer, and it inspired her. I love all your songs but that one is my favourite. You're a great person and thank you everything❤
  • akwatsie91Beautiful xxx
  • imcalledsiennaAwesome
  • paula1torresAmazing°°
  • effielynchbaileyI was here you were AMAZING i met richard curtis too!!!! My mum took like a proper bad picture it was welll funny she cut me off and my friend had his eyes closed!!
  • bethannieejI was just to the right, 2nd row!! YOU WERE AWESOME!!! Was singing every word <3 xxxx
  • jessiej_germanyYour shows sre amazing
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