• cocorochaI’m so proud to announce, my girl Stephanie Lalanne is now represented by my oldest agency, Specs Models!

    I spent over a month mentoring and teaching Stephanie while filming
    ‘The Face’. Stephanie had never taken a professional photo in her life but I hand picked her from a group of far more “experienced” models to join my team because she had something that even years of training
    cant give a model - Stephanie has character and that always shows through in my line of work. Over the course of filming I noticed that other industry veterans were also seeing what I saw in her. Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine said on camera that of all the girls in the competition Stephanie’s face was the “most modern” and that he could see her on many runways today. Even Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova, who at times had an opportunity to send Stephanie home allowed her to stay because she was making faster progress and had more passion than anyone else. I had 5 weeks to work with Stephanie, day in and out, and she truly soaked it all in like a sponge. I could not be prouder of her and excited to see where her career takes her next… In fact I’m heading to Montreal to see her today!

  • eileen33333shes soooo lucky!!!love u!
  • mixhelle.sYEAH Stephanie was my fave
  • nikachka.k@gorgeous233 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • carolinenospineI loved her, my fav. I thought you picked the best girls!
  • melodyanalynAnd you guys doubted her! That's my girl!!!! @bevthequeen @merp_anaa
  • ashyalexx@stephoyeesing @hinginchiam
  • _bevrlyI loved her !!
  • brynjaminbuttonShe was my fav!
  • susanvivilove her.
  • ohwawa_You give young models hope
  • gabriellelestapierAmazing! ❤
  • tessierex@jagharingenfantasi
  • imastar_girl@cocorocha I'm so proud of you Stephanie I knew you would make it because of your big heart and tunnel vision passion!! And coco its truly rare to see a celeb like you care and dig deep to help someone to the fullest !! 😊🙏👌 #soamazing
  • kellyyykroonYou kinda look like a werewolf to me:P I don't know!
  • navafotografiaShe was my favorite since day one. .I remember to said :that chick has the "Coco's stuff" and looks very modern and comercial at the same time
  • amor_mulanI will work w/ you one day MARK MY WORDS 👏😘
  • jon_victoriaGo steph!
  • jenfg95Naomi didn't send her home cause she wants the weaker to stay and wants her girls hv more chance to win
  • katie_uren@taehyahuntley
  • jannahshararaGo steph ! Wohoo
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