Met the fantastic @burnie today. So it's been a pretty awesome day I guess :-p
  • phillydefrancoMet the fantastic @burnie today. So it's been a pretty awesome day I guess :-p

  • fauxzachI have no idea who that is. That being said, i honestly thought you posed with Justin Timberlake lol
  • marodinjHe use to be ceo of roster teeth and he writes redvsblue vary nice guy
  • larrysfake@fauxzach Burnie Burns is the creater of Roosterteeth (a YouTube channel that makes shorts and video game videos, like Achievement Hunter). I think they're pretty funny, so you should check 'em out :)
  • spuleckiI don't think Burnie has an account but @jinxcellent could show him
  • nathbaylLove @burnie so much.
  • pheared11Ha with the coat covering up part of your shirt it reads "Love O Faces" lol
  • itsjoncruzNerding out Love RT
  • lindseyjotejadaMarry me please.
  • jr_enderlabsThe two people responsible for my two favorite things on the Internet... Well excluding pron
  • oreop99itbI have loved RT since I first found out how to use the Internet
  • stevo990My 2 favorite creators on the internet in one photo. #awesome
  • asiel007RvB rocks!! Love Burnie!!!
  • alex.spearmanPhil please come to Victoria, B.C. !!! Your fans need you!!!@phillydefranco@phillydefranco@phillydefranco@phillydefranco
  • therealrandomronHey that's Burnie from Roosterteeth. Cool.
  • dogcan117Haha @bernie is not him lol he mentioned this over the recent podcast
  • lnooblMy two favourite internet personalities in one picture.
  • samanthashevAWWWW
  • droppedheroFreakin epic pic jus cuz you two are the kings of the internet
  • jadee.simoneI shouldn't be attracted to you but I am😜😝
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