The guy next to me on the plane skyped his son, then showed me his computer. This made me smile.
  • travispastranaThe guy next to me on the plane skyped his son, then showed me his computer. This made me smile.

  • dirtbikingkidI have your autograph! :) @travispastrana
  • nickyoshiokaThat must be a honor Travis to inspire everybody. I know for sure u inspire me. Your just a great guy and I wish u the best in the future #travispastrans
  • lesniak2016@travispastrana I have looked up to you since I was 6, I'm 15 now. Every single birthday wish, each time I'd blow a dandelion, every time I'd throw a penny in a fountain, I would wish: "I want to meet Travis Pastrana." Each and every night in bed, I would think of you, that way I could dream about meeting you once I fell asleep. I'm not just another die hard fan of '#199-Mr. Pastrana.' I have looked up to you, admired you and your decisions, the way you do what you love, no matter what happens. You are my inspiration, you are amazing and you are the one and only idol I will ever have, you are ... Travis Pastrana.
    ~Ryan Lesniak
  • jaydog69I never met you.
  • alex.lopez._@dat_yosh_kid thats deep
  • lewisbeadling13#199. your the man @travispastrana
  • skylarcreaMet u multiple times. Long talkes. My dad race with u in baja
  • twaggs44U r so awesome me brother had cancer and u let him come to your house and did awesome stuff for the day his name is Alex Wagner and if u see this and remember Alex please reply back thanks for everything -Tyler Wagner p.s I was a baby at the time so your dad drove me my mom and my ant around in your yellow ford F150 as u and me brother Alex and my brother Brett and my and uncle road dirt bikes with u thanks again I always remember always give it 199% thanks
  • jacob_trimballzI wish I was that kid I really want your autograph to I am like your number 1 fan
  • electriclegacyNo I am @jacob_trimble
  • wilson_214_I already got his autograph see travis pastrana
  • skaterjim112All you can shut the hell up! I am Pastrana's numero uno fan!
  • onononpnonnonobHey i have his 125 edition bike so shut the hell up me #1 fan
  • slowhand909I raced Travis across the Parkin lot of the First Union Center in Phily when the X games were there. Carey Hart tried to backflip the step up n biffed it pretty hard. Travis and Kenny bartram saw me on crutches (they were also on crutches) and Travis goes "ill race you to the end of the Parkin lot" greatest moment of my life haha. nicest guy in the world. you da man travis
  • brackisdabestCol
  • _teammaddie_I'm his number one fan I hav his atograph
  • thatconnorguyy@slowhand909 hahahaha thats soo epic!
  • slowhand909@myskiewc right! greatest moment of my life
  • bratalieeAwww😍😍😍
  • fasen_for_life_jared_Cool
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