@MrRussellCrowe welcomed me to Australia. I'm glad he brought his whip.
  • theellenshow@MrRussellCrowe welcomed me to Australia. I'm glad he brought his whip.

  • zinnia_deePlease look at @shellballz I'm just now noticing her name lol
  • tayye_blue@shellballz
  • m_washhh@shellballz
  • one_by_one_Melissa NoDoz I guess nuzzling on them yes and yes no no no no yes yes I think this is insisting on I'm going to Lininger said yes and that makes it was a very close enough is all voice and nonfrozen yes I think anorexia Sinlea much so that was a white with flowers on it and then it was like I'm a nine thing like I'm having cinnabars things that one across and in the
  • one_by_one_Jk lol
  • _nessa_mariaIk tht there r 338 comments on this picture, and i know u don't take time to respond to us "lower classed humans" but may I have a shout out....? All my life I have dreamt of fame. I'm a singer but not brave enough to sing to people due to my social difficulties. So I figured if I couldn't be famous in the way I want to be maybe I can find another way to fill the empty spot in my life. A shout out from you would be like winning the lottery for me. I know I sound pitiful and i know you don't want to respond to me so its okay I guess...but I'm almost begging. I don't want to be a down graded human...I want to be up in the high know names... And this will be the start of me trying. Hi my name is Kaycie Cannedy and I sing to the sound of my guitar. A shout out is all I want. But first you must notice me.
  • princessprobzzSomeone's desprate
  • mari_geI want me some Russell Crowe ;-)
  • charlesbarnum22AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE
  • charlesbarnum22OI OI OI
  • maddy.axfordIM FROM AUSTRALIA 🎉 @theellenshow
  • loza_abroI live in Australia. I'm sorry I couldn't come to any of your shows!!
  • mangoboy223Ellen in aus man why no come qld
  • samam112Ellen rules I wish I could come to one of her shows
  • lovemaeleyEllen can I please meet one direction please please please
  • lovemaeleyEllen me and my sister are huge fans of One Direction so please let us see them that would mean the whole world to us please
  • lovemaeleyAnd I'm also a huge fan of Emma Watson.
  • meiacct& this part shows that u'r not a violent person.. 👍😍
  • bella.papenfussYaaay still can't believe you went to Australia that was hilarious
  • _hamza_asifDa Real Gladiator
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