Haha now little one is waiting... #oneluckymom
  • juleshoughHaha now little one is waiting... #oneluckymom

  • brattylouIs she waiting for you to come home? Cute!
  • tessacarolynn11SO ADORABLE!!
  • whagtaga_That's so adorable!!!
  • mamasloupIs that a pink model A pedal car in your yard?! That's friggin' cute!
  • ansley_tilley*safe
  • jlsebring@paigezeliasko thank you! @kaye_1088 I have been checking out the shelters. A met a lady that got her puppy from a Shelter in Newport... I definitely would adopt if I come across the right one. Thanks ladies!
  • sydneyykoosYou are amazing. And ok you are just. OMG. I wrote a long long thingy but It got deleted. Ok so YOU are seriously really really REALLY REALLY awesome!!!! And you are so I can't explain it. I CAN'T EVEN THINK OF A WORD TO DESCRIBE YOUR GREATNESS AND AWESOMENESS. and every time I see your photos on my fees I explode and freak out and die. IM NOT EVEN KIDDING WITH YOU
    RIGHT NOW. OK YOU are the most original person on ig. And I'm not just saying that. And ok. I am crazy and you are awesome. And your movies and your acting. They're just so BEAUTIFUL. you are such a great inspiration. And you are one of my biggest inspirations ever. Ok sorry I sound crazy and like I'm losing it. You are breath taking ness. Ok but all your pictures. I MEAN. you are so crazy awesome and talented. And I'm not trying to be those creepy fan girls.
    HONESTLY IM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU AND TOUR PERSONALITY. YOU SEEM LIKE A FANTACTUALR PERSON TO KNOW. sorry this Is so long but I just want you to know how outstanding and unique you are and I love everything about you and your perfect. And I'm going overboard and this is crazy right? It's crazy I'm even talking to you and you might even see my name!!!?????OK. YIU ARE SO SO. I CAN'T EVEN THINK OF A WORD. SUPER DEE DOOPER SPECTACULAR. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU. you are incredible. I joe to be just like you someday. Julianne. You are amazing. Xoxo.
  • kristi.wilsonThat was a little excessive 👆. #crazyfanmuch
  • yourhealthydogsThe little one is adorable. Love it when they watch for you to come home, so sweet :-)
  • edelamorI agree with @kristiduey ...lol
  • jaceymarief@kristiduey right?
  • _ashley.novoYikes #swimfan much??
  • intolerantvegan@jlsebring petfinder.org :)
  • intolerantvegan@jlsebring ...you can even register for specific breeds. That's how I adopted my jack Russell
  • ninabenedict❤ So much cuteness
  • krizzyfizzySweet 😍
  • lpavlanskyRyan just insinuated you guys were back together on the radio...is this true?! Love you and your doggy!
  • gina1767Beautiful ❤🐶
  • warriorsfan_30@lpavlansky I think it is true cuz I heard @juleshough moved out of @ryanseacrest and her house and she moved into apartment!! Where she is know is not apartment!!!
  • kaye_1088@jlsebring no problem. I know a lot of people get put off by shelters when looking for a particular dog breed but you'd be surprised by the amount that are euthanized on a daily basis. It can be difficult, especially where cavs are concerned because they aren't a very popular breed stateside but they're there. Good luck with your search.
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