Last day of practice at the #usopen. Time to take some final notes on the course. #TeamTitleist
  • titleistLast day of practice at the #usopen. Time to take some final notes on the course. #TeamTitleist

  • rahulr98Tiger woods wins at 3 under
  • masonweld@rahooligans Matt kuchar at 8 under
  • rob_tiffWhen I sat and watched practice yesterday #13 stood out, some will ace it
  • jt_azredandblue@masonweld72 haha no ones getting to 8 under even with the rain... If it stays soft 3 under prob gets it done... I've played that golf course when it's soft and its still a beast and that was without any of the open prep work
  • masonweld@jtighe_ haha i have played it too.. I didnt find it hard and these guys are the best in the world.. I know they are making i hard but they will get pretty low
  • rahulr98Yeah even though it's short I still think the players won't get to 8 under
  • rahulr98Plus if someone goes low the first day, they're gonna change the course to make it a little harder like they did last year. Michael Thompson went 5 under the first day, so they made the greens firmer by not watering them
  • tap_it_in-9 is the number. These guys are too good. Course is too soft. It has rained too much to have firm greens. Didnt rory blow everyone away and set a us open scoring record a couple years ago after a bunvh of rain softened up the course?
  • crazycady24Just joined team titleist is there any discounts or free things for joining @titleist
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