Same batter. Same ballpark.  Same result.
  • mlbSame batter. Same ballpark.  Same result.

  • garrettjenkzPoor hardy
  • williamabutler@kspears86
  • jadenellmanDeja vu.
  • alexbays1That's so asume
  • _jbc29_The wings are on him
  • dayneleoTrout is way better just look at the picture and u can tell who is bettet
  • wdawg29like your photo
  • michaelmathews_20@leon_day8 dude it doesn't matter who's better yea he's better but there out there for the same goal same reason same everything there both making plays there both trying to keep balls from leaving the park and touching the ground except for ground balls and there out there to back up bases and each outfielder has there on specific job right field for example I play right field this is how I know but u cover 1st 2nd cover 1st when ball thrown from home 3rd short 2nd or there's a pick off cover 2nd also ball thrown from short or third also back up centerfielder if ball is thrown from home or if ur faster then center then u cover ball so yeh he's better but there all out there for the same reason
  • dayneleoNo shit i know i play for a travel team
  • dayneleo@michaelmathews_20
  • michaelmathews_20Okay your cool you play for a travel team haha your funny and I play travel select and high school get the fuck off my dick I'm better then u would ever dream about being fucking bitch talking shit @leon_day8 and I'm sorry I actually play Right Field I don't set the bench like you do
  • dayneleoActually im the starting catcher and im in 7th grade so i hope ur better than me but i still could strike u out @michaelmathews_20
  • michaelmathews_20Haha your a starting catcher aha but u can strike me out but it seems a catcher is behind the plate not on the mound where the ball is pitched and that's a cool story bro I'm starting right field and I'm in 10th grade good luck striking me out what do u pitch 65 mph haha @leon_day8 I don't think u can strike me out and don't pull no bullshit of ur in 7th grade and u pitch mid to high 70s and low 80s because I might believe mid 70s but there's no way your Amy higher then that when the ball is coming at u at 92 to 96 97 mph come talk to me
  • michaelmathews_20U don't pitch any faster then 77 you can't it's basically impossible unless u look like the hulk @leon_day8 your in 7th grade so I highly doubt u do
  • niicooleettee2Oh my god. @kianakinz #bourjos <3
  • n.l.m.1216@leon_day8 you so stupid you play for a little travel team GTFO I play for high school and the best team in western New York so get out I can probably pitch faster than you. Cool your a catcher what are you going to do to me you can't do crap to a batter @michaelmathews_20 this guy is so stupid he plays for a little travel team
  • michaelmathews_20@mooch1216 right lol he sucks he prolly sets on the bench wishing he could play
  • chaise.oMike Trout vs Bryce Harper
  • _sbspartidaTrout&Bourjos Nice couple
  • sportskid34Harper is better
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