My nigga
  • snoopdoggMy nigga

  • lucious_leftfootKill that noise.....learn some facts bruh disrespect the big chief......I wonder did u do this same Shit talking when bush sent or country to war 4 no reason...that means peoples children died for some reason only Bush can justify.... Your argument sir...
  • ladyred_314Happy Anniversary !!!
  • bigshotballa@tylerdreamlivindawson dumb.
  • tylerdaydreamingdawson@lucious_leftfood its a hard reality to hear and I don't like hearing it as much as anyone else but without hearing the noise I would have never been able to be ready for the real future which is not bright especially with him in control and bush was right behing him sending all our brother n sisters.over seas to start a war with innocent ppl just to take their oil. Waste our money on military bases in their country that's bull shit.
  • lbl815'Intercepted'
  • adamandelaineFUCK BARRY! #communismisnotcool
  • tylerdaydreamingdawsonHaha " @bigshotballa " you'll find out the hard way with no suppies or any insight whatsoever to realize the truth. So real quick I'm telling you Osama bin laden is our new president "Al Qaida" s government funded to cause havok "terrorism" around the world especially the USA to declare martial law which will happen soon then Obama will be the new Hitler and your family along with mine will be in concentration camps which are already stationed all around the US called fema camps. But yeah I'm dumb. Yet your the next sheep in line going in circles each day only consuming. Peace
  • therastapastaBARRY O
  • king_curt1sI bet you also wear a tin foil hat and have a youtube channel dedicated to aliens
  • kimloveskadirLike like like 😝
  • mzambiziBarry!
  • moonglowsI bet this shits photoshopped
  • randolph_svtDon't sleep on Barry O.
  • bigshotballa@tylerdreamlivindawson see you at camp!
  • clopez915its a fuckin cigeratte not weed
  • macapuno_44Oh shoot... it does! Hahaha @oceanivana OH DEAR!
  • charleston1980@r_lul_chef_t who says he had to give a fuck?? I'm just saying him repping Obama sucks..... Your rebuttal is weak tbh, shit I've been listening to snoop since he blew up i'd like to know what lyrics u think I don't understand?? Go google some and come back to me! Learn to interpret words too.....
  • clayvis@tylerdreamlivindawson hit it on the head! This guy is a phony and needs to be impeached ASAP!!! Fuck B.o. and anyone who believes his nonsense
  • luc1f3rlvI bet that's your boy a fake ass nigga just like him too! Sorry ass punk, you are bitch made just like Barry
  • clevrone760Fuck Obama..big UPS to snoop tho
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