Jake Gardiner was the drawmaster for the North America Cup at Mohawk Raceway
  • mapleleafsJake Gardiner was the drawmaster for the North America Cup at Mohawk Raceway

  • charliecoes@tanner_linford go away little kid, the bruins deserve to win, I know you are still crying because the Bruins beat u in the playoffs, but it is time to start the countdown for nine more years when you finally slip into the playoffs again, Then loose again
  • ree_twoLose*^ 😜
  • charliecoes@thomas_yarnton just showing all u leaf fans how much your team sucks
  • charliecoes@thomas_yarnton awww someone is mad their team lost first round and because we are actually good enough to make the Stanley Cup Finals. See you in nine more years!
  • charliecoes@thomas_yarnton don't need to be so harsh, see u next time we play the leafs
  • charliecoes@ree_two *Loose. Sigh, Canadiens
  • jskajfi@ccoesbruins ur mental toronto needed experience they got tht now so they will be in the playoffs for now on
  • jskajfi@ccoesbruins fuck you if boston did tht well toronto was tht close to beating them we would be in the same spot
  • jskajfieven don cheery said if they won they would have been in the finals for sure maybe lost but in the finals boston had a awful team for a while now they are good again thts all toronto went through now they are through and are an amazing young team and tough
  • realarkham@ccoesbruins if we suck so bad, then why did it take you guys 7 games to beat us?
  • 33chachaI think we got Chicago under control
  • tanner_linfordNo u don't and Toronto will be in the playoffs bext year for sure!! Go chicago
  • rjurkI wish toronto never traded rask😭
  • tyler98cameronGo Chicago
  • charliecoes@95arq we just wern't awake yet, we woke up after ur 4th goal, It sounds legit the Leafs would blow a 4-1 lead #bostonstrong
  • york51_never hated a hockey player more than dion phaneuf. dont tell me im not a real leaf fan and to support the team no matter what. i support the team but will never forgive how he didnt even try to move chara outta the way on bostons 4th goal. Little Phil kessel would have done a better job cus atleast we would have tried. fuck dion phaneuf get this piece of shit outta toronto. who agrees?
  • _emmanuelobiI don't. What other defenseman is there in the market that is as mainstream as Phaneuf? @york88
  • rockinrolla33@york88 bud, give your head a shake. The Bruins got away with murder physically, Phaneuf averaged over 30 minutes a game and you expect Phaneuf to move Chara - the freak of nature. Nobody was moving Chara, nobody.
  • incendiary1Phaneuf over rated
  • justythebestMy brother loves Jake Gardiner
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