❤Girlfriend time in NYC #getwise
  • yolanda.hadid❤Girlfriend time in NYC #getwise

  • rgillenwaterLove Carole!
  • tks9967@tatichristoffersen LOL most female residents in California have fake ones; did you just wake up from an extended coma and find that out?
  • tks9967@ferda7 so you must know them all personally. Because only someone who has a close connection to each of these women could make that judgement.
  • ferda7Yeah you're right, my fault :) @sukahath
  • xochitl_miguel_angel_zendejasBrandi needs her ass kicked! SHE HAS A BIG MOUTH & I swear she's a stalker! It wasn't ONLY HER FAULT, pretty much it WAS EDDIE'S CHOICE TO LEAVE HER! Now Miss Brandi "GET OVER IT"... It's been a long ass time!
  • starlight_red_8Whatever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
  • vernsmomDID Brandi get new boobies wowZza
  • killzs_nBrandi is A BULLY AND DESERVES TO BE CALLED ONE ! "Are you black" the remark she decides to say to Joyce when she doesn't want to get into pool! Are u joking me u should be a good friend to her and learn to tell her what's wrong instead of LAUGHING AT EVERY RUDE REMARK THAT SHE SAYS.... @yolandahfoster @yolandahfoster ! And I love how when she calls Joyce black she says yes I am black PuertoRicans are Spanish Native & Black! I'm PuertoRican also and I can't even believe how mean All of u are to Joyce!
  • ryscottanCarole 💚💚💚
  • here2bamusedA true friend tells another friend when they are out of line. You have. However, if Brandi was a true friend to you she would not be so against her own growth. There comes a time when you have to say "this behavior is unacceptable and I need to move on" Brandi is way out of line this season with all the ladies and is a friend jumper. Lisa was her BFF and they hit a bump and Brandi moves on. She called Lisa's husband "her hubby" just like she is with yours. Sad. You have a quote on your page about who you associate yourself with. You should reread it. @yolandahfoster
  • lykasea@yolandahfoster the way you present yourself is loving caring sweet smart attentive and of course you still have stars in your eyes. Brandi is amazing and idk y she is still single, but shes my cup of tea. Anyways. Watching bravo tv,stumbling across housewives the group u are involved in particularly, has given me the desire to reach for the moon. I dream of living a life alot similar to yours. Im no model. So im currently getting into sidejobs (legal) just to keep my dream alive. I hope one day I will get a chance to meet you and your husband. I know you have zero idea that I myself or any of your fans exist but we appreciate you anyway. For myself its further than entertainment.Its a dream. But its one worth chasing. Hope all is well if not it will change and get better. Stay strong.
  • zoeashly@anissalynng seriously! they're both flawless!
  • xxmuixxbrandi look like nicolekidman
  • laurnjeanThis shows you how far back these shows are filmed. This is the show that will air tonight on bravo. It was 9months ago
  • maddiemcintosh@elleloef
  • c_mhel💙
  • kapantazis@gepantazis foi daquele episodio que agt assistiu!
  • reecechambers07Brandi is so beautiful
  • x_halu@a.h6544
  • christian.n.dorothy.johnson😍😍💕💕
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