I got this unexpected package in the mail from Canon today.  Are they trying to tell me something?
  • jaredpolinI got this unexpected package in the mail from Canon today. Are they trying to tell me something?

  • alandjaniDamn lucky 😂
  • 2ndcupofkopiIts for frovader =)
  • rjaypTime for a switch to the dark side @jaredpolin
  • katiewelshphoto1Jealousssss!
  • smsklyUghh you don't even undrrstand how much I want the idx
  • jaredpolin@nihlus I don't follow him. Little strange u know that name and using canon.
  • nihlusHe just recently got a 1DX to replace one of his Nikon bodies. He says it's so that he can learn and assist people with Canon questions.
  • dubickiTrying to get $10g to buy one a 24-70 and a 70-200... Trying to start a new career...
  • pollina787Polin: Just bring your honest, insights and be happy with it. Dont you think?
  • katiebabiczThey are trying to convert you! Nooooo! Don't drink the koolaid! (i kid, i kid)
  • bigblock109That's a nice surprise
  • massman_5419I watched your ice hockey video and I'm sure you were using a Canon body then?! I don't care what you use, I just appreciate the info from you! Now I've crawled up your ass a bit, SEND ME THE 1Dx!!!
  • joshuanorwayHey guys I need an advice..I'm choosing between the D7000 & 60D. I want the d7000 but a hear and read a lot of complain about a focus thingy, what's your comment? Thanks :)
  • cwfotoworksAll in the passed, the first D7000 release suffered from back focusing! I'm pretty sure firmware update cured it. I had the D7000 and loved it, recommend it over the 60D! Whatever your shooting, Shoot Raw :-)
  • gabriel_cuestaHey @jaredpolin how are you? please!!!! Recommend me a variable nd filter!!! Heliopan? Tiffen? Hoya? Which one is the best???? Please!
  • pedrochappsSend it to me if you don't want it
  • toneycolonWhat do you need that stuff for?
  • jaleelkingI need gifts like that. Lol
  • atylerphotographyGreat gift!
  • benschdesignsTips for an aspiring sports photographer?
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