Dinner is on! #Two&AHalfMonthAgedSteaks #Aged2Perfection
  • torispellingDinner is on! #Two&AHalfMonthAgedSteaks #Aged2Perfection

  • victoria.and🙀Fuuuuu
  • ellephantjoynocerosYUMMM! 😱😻 Reminds me of New York New York in Las Vegas... Haha!
  • itsjustjenn0607My hubs did this for us. Not quite as long. They were yummy.
  • mamajogaIs that Jerky???
  • featherandstones@francescamarie__ its been scientifically proven that our bodies are not made for eating meat. Our teeth the enzymes in our stomachs etc. And btw my mother has always been a veggie and I grew just fine. I get plenty of protein from many other sources other than meat. We don't have to agree and I wasn't trying to start anything I'm just stating my option. However I can sleep well at night knowing that everything I put into my body through out the day did not have to suffer to keep me nourished. And I sleep better knowing I don't have animal carcas rotting in my stomach. I'm sure my arteries thank me for that. Peace.
  • angieredmondPalm springs?!
  • featherandstonesAnd BTW @francescamarie__ there are plenty of vegetarians that have babies and they are all fine. Your comment about how I was made on cows body parts is just asinine. I'm sure there was wasn't a cow in sight while my mother and father were creating me SMH
  • featherandstonesTake out the was in my last sentence ^
  • mom24boys37And @francescamarie__ it's lack of iron that would bruise someone not protein...might want to have your facts straight before posting. We are a family of veggies and we are healthier then you. Cholesterol, #notagoodlookforyou !
  • the_posh_girlOmg! Do people really hve time for this stupid talk? If u people wld worry abt urself and ur life and stop judging others for what they do or believe in( This world wld b a much better place!) Who cares if u dnt eat meat!!! Just so sick of seeing all the haten on Instagram!
  • meeganmakesI gotta agree with @the_posh_girl just enjoy life
  • marryfartWhere is that
  • welderswife1992If you want to argue, do it on FB. Or better yet, find a better hobby. Steaks....yummy.
  • girliegirlarmyAgreed GO VEGAN. Xo healthy vegan mother of two healthy vegan kids
  • sgreshowak@francescamarie__ The number 1 cause of death in the US is cardiovascular disease. The single most effective way to prevent or stop progression of it is a vegetarian diet. Just one of the many benefits to not eating meat. So... #faceiturdyingbitch
  • theralexisThere is nothing worse than a vegetarian/vegan preacher. NOTHING. The world hates you. Go fly a kite or eat a tofu burger.
  • theralexisYou think you're changing the world 1 stupid Instagram comment at a time??? You're not changing anyone's lives or opinions here. Signed, EXTREMELY BALANCED, healthy, blah blahblahblah who cares.
  • megankristinaaaaHow are paleo-ers and vegetarians conversations at the dinner table ?
  • megankristinaaaaDiet and or lifestyle is completely 100% a personal choice keep it to yourselves! 🍃🌿🍅🐖🐂
  • tiffysapp@featherandstones please explain how you sleep at night knowing nothing suffered, when you post pictures of fried shrimp?! Shrimp don't have feelings? Were your stomach enzymes created to digest soda? Good grief! Let @torianddean post her steaks!!!
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