This book is incredible!!! Can't put it down.
  • emmarobertsThis book is incredible!!! Can't put it down.

  • lrodezno@carolcv9 remind me to tell you a story about this pic, the book and @emilioaq6
  • carlasarang@tygrrblood You're missing out! Reading is the greatest thing in the world. You can be someone different, you can travel to places...all from the comfort of your own home and imagination. Gosh, it's great!
  • simpoponchik@emmaroberts6
  • crystalsorrowThis girl has read some amazing books! I've read some she's posted.
  • esrcolI recommend this book to you: "The very thought of you" by Rosie Alison! Beautifully written! Best books I've read in awhile!!
  • delaramarinaYeyyyy haha enjoy ur great readin! I looove to read
  • michelle_mnkI LOVE EMMA ROBERTS
  • nat.dehueckYou have amazing taste in books! I look up to you so much!
  • seanchernI'd read you all night long if you were a book @emmaroberts6
  • b0urne_845Ur so hot Emma
  • scoobiezHave fun reading, I couldn't get thru passed the childhood
  • leahnoelleI'll have to read it!
  • clairemessanoDo you have a goodreads account??
  • moooooffettDo have anymore book recommendations? I'm dying to know!!
  • bajenbeckaMy whole reading list fornthe year is from her lol. She has awesome taste. Esp loved Chanel Bonfire!
  • adociousxoI admire you for your love for books. I haven't seen another celebrity post these many!
  • lindzertartSLC ladies <3
  • carlos_a_roblesGreat book ! Great lady!
  • brendazzleeThe fact that you love to read 😌❤️
  • alyssacarchiastay the fuck away from elijah wood, you cunty punty pu pu! he's mine! take those checkadd shorts off, and go change into some clean pants without holes blasted in them, and a stench, umberto! i smell dose buwito faaats, umberto! i smell dose chicken and bwoccoli faaaats, umberto! @emmaroberts
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