Syfl.  Come join. The fun.
  • snoopdoggSyfl. Come join. The fun.

  • daveita@snoopdogg
  • patriciakardunSnoopy snoop da snoop hhh
  • queen_purplelocs@snoopdogg please sponsor my daughters for your cheer camp
  • bmorton33@snoopdogg my team the Atlanta Vikings and we would love to get some work this year. I gave Big U my info. Name is coach B
  • zerosequenceCheck out and let me know what you think? It's an extreme flag football non profit league for today's youth! @snoopdogg
  • war_hawk17Coach Pete show up for the Seahawks!!!
  • cba_trimAyye unc let me get a shout out!!9
  • leroiwestWhat ever happened to pinky tha rapper who was on those chuuch mixtapes in early 2003
  • tawnytafari4Uncle Snoop
  • dcabreraj@snoopdogg I see you in from Barcelona, visca el barça!
  • runningforlupus@snoopdogg Any chance of a photo please throwing up the #LHandSign to help raise awareness of LUPUS? Would be great if you joined the awareness campaign. More people need to know about lupus. It is actually more common than leukemia. More awarenes = more research.Thank you (LHandSign is an L made with the RIGHT hand, made with the whole hand not two fingered L)
  • yowanda79Snoop i have been trying to get in contact with your league since last year. Your president had emailed about starting a league in sacramento. I was with the sacramento jr cougars. Now know as sacramento 49ERS. We are trying to get a no weight limit out here in sacramento. Your president said he was going to get back with me but hadnt heard anything. I also been talking to your cheer coordinator. Whats up Snoop Sac wants a scrimmage yall LA People down. Maybe we can discuss beung a part of your league for next year. I hope you will respond.....
  • runningforlupusWill you be there Saturday @snoopdogg ?
  • crazydog50Hi
  • misskrystleg@snoopdogg my son is three years old and built to play football. Where can I sign him up when he meets the age requirement?
  • rosary_maria323ill be there
  • girlygirl12312^_^
  • mire.i.amWill u be there @snoopdogg ?
  • pinktoes_and_bowsCreepy lookin euuuuggh
  • sammeyrichardsCan't wait see ya soon xxx
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