Enjoying a cocktail with my new Penbrella.
  • theellenshowEnjoying a cocktail with my new Penbrella.

  • sweetrose70Love your ...Show!!!! Ellen!!
  • safadi_rafaDear ellen do i go on ellen degenouras or ellen tv fir ur website because i try to watch all if your shows on my phone because my brothers won't let me watch on telly either because ben10 is in or simething else t like adventure time
  • kamoooshiI love your smile :)
  • matthew10413455We love you from Montreal
  • awesomeashley2222Hey Ellen! I just wanted to say that I love you so much! I know that you aren't going to read this but.. I just wanted to let you that thank you for being such a great inspiration and role model for me! You make me crack up and I absolutely love you and your show! Thank you for always making me smile!:)
  • anayeli.rodriguezzzOmg I love u so so so so much I look at your cool shows u r so sweet and kind I real wish I can be in you show but is to for and u can text back but u won't I hope read this
  • __dznmThe life i dream off was To be different to Travel the world like there was no tomorrow. To finally meet you cause your the Woman who gave me Hope. Your my inspiration i love you with my Heart. I hope one day you will read this , and be touch so i can meet and Share my Story,my goals with You :* Sincerally Dimarie :') @theellenshow
  • niamhleonard_Hi Ellen! I Love your show I watch it all the time! Your amazing! Your an inspiration to people's lives! Ily😄 @theellenshow
  • pinkburgersily ellen
  • valeriaaguilar_sI want to meet justin bieber but i can't :( can you help me @theellenshow
  • sakura.kawanoI want ur undies!!!!
  • murray_snyderHa! Ellen's got the pineapple ! @carolynmuscatello
  • bjkha_38♥♥♥♥
  • britta_worldpeace@kelbeezy hahah she's so funny I feel like I laugh and need to share it w someone
  • kelbeezy@britta_worldpeace hahaha I love her! Watch her YouTube clips where she talks into an earpiece to celebrities and tells them everything they have to say its so funny
  • lana_jindanEllen its me again the 9 year old girl ilove you I love you I love you I will probably faint to see you please please please answer my comment please I love you I love you
  • carlamariehannaHey ellen am 11 years old I LOVE YOU maybe one day I will meet you U are an amazing person I love u so much I watch ur shows all the time I stay up even till 6 am watching ur shows and I watch them over and over and over again maybe I have to met u when I grow up because I live in Monterey California I just wanted to say u are amazing @theellenshow love Carla @carlahannaa1
  • emilytammingaHAPPY BIRTHDAY 😘😘😘
  • blhayes164Ellen, my friend is getting married in August and she LOVES you. Please send her a card!!!! Not even a card with money... Just put a picture of yourself in there, sign your name and congratulate Emily & Tim on their marriage. Please!!!! I will send you mailing info on twitter if you agree!!
  • marissafromtheblockThankyou for insparing me😎 I watch you all the time⏰. I LOVE YOU❤️. I watch you shows every night with a smile on my face through out the whole show😌. You always make me laugh💁Sometimes in the middle of the night I will start laughing so hard watching your show and my mom would be like "Marisa YOU TO BED" 😂but it's all good👏. YOU THE BOM.com ELLEN😌.
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