#WHYNOT????...that simple
  • russwest44#WHYNOT????...that simple

  • humbleddreams19@russwest44
  • mknmvz#speedyrecovery
  • raelastqueenYou are sooo gorgeous 😍 @russwest44
  • bhag5Idol
  • i_amtrendLooking good there lol
  • rachelmh_Looks similar to what I do at rehab.
  • butter_amazing😏😘😍
  • drewski_lowkeyWish my rehab was this serious. Gotta live with a fucked up body now
  • prettyboikelWats up Russ I kno u don't have time for crazy fan but I'm one of them I'm Gerald cousin but I wanna be like u wen I grow up
  • ashleyh69That's my last name and my jersey number
  • m.woffWork!
  • shawtty_330i tried righting u a letter but it wouldn't send I doubt u will see this but god makes miracles right anyways I have been playing basketball since I was four I recently tore my acl and meniscus last season i had a surgery it didn't work so I had another one and I came back strong this season but sadly I have to have another one this month or next but all I want for Christmas is too meet you and Kevin I know u get these a lot but something deep down in my heart was telling me that if I send this god will let something good happen I try going to the thunder games every year but my family doesn't have money like that anymore I have been working to get my own ticket but I decided to try to save and get tickets for my big brother but all I am asking is for a reply back or to meet you before my next surgery and after this surgery I will be back on the court working hard like you did to get back up but I would really like to meet you and Kevin so if it's in your heart can you help make something happen? and thank you for you time I love you so much
  • nola.welchDid it happened did you meet them @crooked__smile___
  • nola.welchOmg do you have a picture @crooked__smile___
  • nola.welchOk @crooked__smile___
  • slickmouth_cookie👌
  • naedawgg__Hey russ, you are my favorite player. I model my game after you so much, i really wish you would read this comment, i am a ncaajc athlete i made it to D1 when i left high school but i had to leave because of the team. I went to a Junior college and i worked my way back to getting Divison 1 offers. My team here a Northwest Florida State College we made it to the state championship. I went down in the first game with a torn mcl/acl every division 1 school backed off. So now i'm stuck, i dont have a college to go back to no one has faith that i can come back. I'm starting to lose faith in myself. Could you please give me some advice, words of wisdoms. I know you kind of been in the same situation when you got hurt against the rockets in the playoffs. I feel bad because i know my team needs me i feel like i let them down. Please just give me some words of wisdom.
  • luka_p4@blountjanae I've been under recruited my whole life. I'm looking to play at Northwest Florida state. Talked to some of the coaches. Put in a good word for me if you can!!
  • watkins_jess@purelegacy that's the machine
  • purelegacy@ijess_hoop yes it is
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