Feeling happy! It's a good brow day for this gal☺
  • hilaryduffFeeling happy! It's a good brow day for this gal☺

  • ulisesmtz500Whats up baby :)
  • sydney1285Hey hilary you are an awesome actress in rasie your voice I love the moive :) :)
  • alisonlyubchenko@kristencappiello
  • morgankotsovos@julzfinkle I like this hair colour....what do you think? 😍
  • juleslyn89@kotmo love them all!!
  • josephoxenfordSome people just get better looking with age. Amazing! @hilaryduff
  • jeremy_braco@hilaryduff 😻😻😻❤️beautiful, magnifique
  • brianahmRemember u were obsessed with her lol @lovelyymiss
  • morganldb@nascimben29 she looks identical to you
  • 29nash@morganldb I get that all the time. Now... To work on hockey player husband... Lol
  • philvalles@frankytee
  • auradivinabeautiful and perfect ♥
  • kylo_ren_4#teamapplegate
  • rodolfosantos781Me gust
  • piixiepeachDear @hilaryduff , you probably won't read this but I want to thank you for being the lovely artist that you are. I've been listening to you since I was a kid and it was only until after I finished listening to your metamorphosis album that I was inspired to pick up a guitar and write songs that were positive. I shared your struggles and was inspired by your infectious smile and joyful vibrations. To see that you are a beautiful mother now and are continuing to be such an inspiration even now, makes me hopeful of the future as well. Thank you for everything. ❤️
  • evol_eurt@hilaryduff i see that :) I Love you<3
  • rayj2171Babe is beautiful
  • m_jack_2015_Looks great.
  • edson_navarretethe most beautiful 💕
  • xxjohnnyvipxxYou're gorgeous in many different ways, Hilary, just hopefully soon, I can get a place amongst the stars with you. I do have a few movie scripts running around in my head. I want to share them with you. It would've been awesome if I fell in love with you sooner, but I already said that I can be a loyal friend. Thank you and love you lots. 💘 💙 💘
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