Ready for the @xbox #E3 media briefing! So many people here it's crazy! Also very green!
  • ijustineReady for the @xbox #E3 media briefing! So many people here it's crazy! Also very green!

  • hossein_am007I want to pre-order Fifa 14 collections edition and watch dogs desdec edition , maybe pre-ordered GTA V too
  • ijustine@kareem_barakat did we watch the same thing...?
  • cire605@ijustine Microsoft failed this generation the Playstation 4 will dominate!
  • mikeshaver@slimshadyx97 you facts are a little confused my friend. They can't legally watch you threw the camera. And you can turn the camera off
  • alexiadisario😜+😈+👸+👍= iJustine!! Fave Youtuber!!!
  • notorious.calI was there... at the PlayStation E3 :)
  • connor_jamison@mikeshaver no you can't...
  • koony2004EEEEE33333
  • mikeshaver@connor_jamison you sure can
  • el_forever21I <3 u Justine ur awesome!!!
  • volg.jorinevbdwnloll
  • w_500a😂😂
  • ____a.m______Who thinks this ps4 or Xbox one Is better I am here for the games just enjoy
  • sullygram@ijustine shouldn't you be at some apple keynote
  • supergamerbrotherWHY U NO PS4
  • yokim12345Cool
  • idam0406Lucky!
  • saramstohlMy dad was at E3 because he works for activision and I told him to say hi to you for me but he did not so I am just going to say it my self. Hello @ijustine
  • anthonymillan_I would love to have the xbox one right now my family can't afford to get an xbox one for me for christmas. I'm trying to save up for one but this is a great opportunity. i currently have the xbox 360 but if i had the one i would friend you, use the money i saved up to get the lego movie game, destiny, and gta 5 lol. Hope you see this. and i currently only have $240 saved up which took me 4 months to get
  • brightandred94my 20th bday was supposed to be spent playing COD AW yesterday but since my money had to go to an emergency last minute bill i didnt have enough so if i dont win it ill probably have to wait till march or june to buy one because college takes up all my money
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