• bildungsromanprojectWell. We've been too busy making the good news to share the good news. www.bildungsromanproject.com launched! Check out the fine articles and stories by an excellent group of scholars. Oh, and it is pretty too. :) || In other news, we have a winner for the third #bildungsromanproject contest -- @_tania420_. Here's what Rana had to say about Tania's lovely image: "I think this represents leaving the light of your comfort zone to enter a darker area or something that is totally foreign and different to you. That's how growing up is -- leaving what you know in order to be what you're meant to be." || Thanks to all who submitted. Feel free to keep using the hashtag; I'll continue to post features periodically over the summer. || My final bit of news is personal. I recently made the journey to my new job at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. In fact, the egregious delay of this post stems from the fact that I couldn't figure out which box or drawer contained Rana's caption. I plan to continue The Bildungsroman Project at Lee, though it may evolve a bit. I HOPE it will evolve a bit -- development and change was always key to my vision for the project. Thanks to all of you for supporting this from the very beginning. -@misspotterphd

  • bildungsromanprojectTania, email me at bildungsromanproject@gmail.com to claim your prize! @_tania420_
  • littlecoalCongrats on the new position! I can't wait to see what you do with the project at Lee. 👊🙏
  • misspotterphdThanks Eric! The first order of business is to go figure out why the site suddenly quit displaying well in mobile. Sigh. I'll fix that this afternoon. My new colleagues here have encouraged me not to push myself too hard with it during my first semester of teaching four courses, and their concerns over my stress level are valid and appreciated. I do plan to keep things moving, though, and to speed them up in the new year. @littlecoal
  • elizcs@_tania420_ yay!! Congrats Tania!!
  • _tania420_@misspotterphd @bildungsromanproject hey there you are!!!! So super honored for this Katie. Truly appreciated! Many congrats on the launch of your website, wishing you the best as it grows!!!
  • _tania420_@elizcs thanks so much Elizabeth!
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