R.I.P. We just killed the club.
  • losangelesconfidentialR.I.P. We just killed the club.

  • goldsack76Fml 😔
  • _rorozco@scervantes_
  • mzlabri@jcold930
  • sam_abdelhadi@ralph_91
  • _instagram_shawdyBossss!
  • barbmarleigh@eddieb904
  • eddieb904@ninaaniii damn
  • ybim_brockThem taxes will get cha
  • unaalunlu@mithatocut en sån kund vill alla ha
  • ogsert1Doing it right.
  • tikiteaseeDamnn doing it up ! Could of paid my tuition with that. Lol
  • seoulflowersartI love you @thedocumentary but thats a damn shame.thats literally my college tuition
  • starbwoy_@gucci_butter turn up?
  • nursejefferiesI see things like this and don't understand how you (or anyone else that spends like this) can drop cash like that on alcohol. Especially when their are children and grown people living on the streets. Could you imagine the meals you could of given the hungry instead of throwing it away on a night that will fade to just another wasted night? I just don't understand how people can be so wrapped up in the fame they don't see all those in need. Its sad really.
  • sheribegayWhoa....
  • nursejefferies@theevicmartin I'm not envious. If you read my comment I was stating I didn't understand how people spend like that on something like alcohol instead of going towards humanity. If someone posts something for the world to see its obviously up for comment. As a nurse I see people struggle everyday to find a way to afford medicine and/or simple necessities of life. Then see a tab like this on alcohol??? Please tell me you can see where the need is misunderstood.
  • nursejefferies@theevicmartin for one I don't follow him. Saw a friend comment and went from there. And I've never had money like that, but I have been where I had nothing. Single mom of three barely making it. Then after years of hard work, managed to be financially stable. All that excess doesn't buy happiness....just temporary joy. As far as my extra money, it does go to help those around me in need. I've never not thought twice to hand money over to anyone that is in need. So to your comment, I am about it. Why are you so defensive? You come across so angry and the comment was never directed towards you. You are coming off like I've offended you and by your statement earlier you obviously know nothing of his lifestyle either. Maybe you are the envious one that you aren't on his level and are trying to live vicariously thru his actions of what you dream to be. If so, I wish you luck with that and pray you will remember those around you currently on your level and bless them too. Stop acting like an angry boy.
  • edwardthegreat_@nursejefferies agreed 100%
  • cococillsugaSTOP the madness
  • raveenrahulan@___twixx another one
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