Ron Artest and a some random black guy
  • ochocincoRon Artest and a some random black guy

  • chrisspusdrowskiTold dat bitch gimme head... Ochocinco!
  • seygabroad810@thecollinsboy no, I don't think it's ok to put ur hands on a woman ever. I don't think a woman should get away with it either, but I can't think of one situation where it would make sense for a grown man to put his hands on any chick. I'm concerned about no ones lives. I actually like him.. A "fan" more or less. But I'd never condone the violence, fan or not, like everyone else seems to.
  • thecollinsboyI understand but it's a lot of females who pushes the limits and also put hands on guys because they don't expect to get hit back. But just like every female...every male has his limits. You don't go that far with anyone and not expect a good outcome. But due to the court system locking guys up just because a female says a guy hit her scares enough men to not even think of it. Lbs @seygabroad810
  • somali_sayzI love u
  • mekmillz317So sexy
  • o_g_larryU out. Of jail. Or they never put u in jail. It was all a show .
  • virtualarrywhoshotya@ochocinco more like " some black shitbag that beats and cheats on his wife", is that what all black guys do? Don't compare yourself with the good- add more precise english
  • bintouligeia@ochocinco love you!
  • prettypennylove@ochocinco You are so handsome
  • tez_el_jefe_corleone@virtualarrywhoshotya no that's not what all black guys do you fuckin pussy, are all white guys perverts? How about I beat you like a little bitch
  • papa_aneesDidn't he change his name to meta world peace?
  • hotdam1@virtualarrywhoshotya you wouldn't say what you said in person. Mr. Internet tough guy.
  • hectorcorrea183Ikr @king_beef9
  • hemi_hermMan dam last time I checked white people are killibg kids and shooting up movies fuck boy is dat all white people do @virtualarrywhoshotta
  • starwasborn80Real ass men! #loveit
  • anahizalaniz@juelsek
  • young.heffehMeta world piece **
  • jytorres77I lovee black!! @ochocinco
  • a_gizzle23What is the clothing company that makes that shirt I bought it from a urban outfitters but I cant find the clothing line @ochocinco
  • yotavio5891how u fit that shirt. I thought u was a big dude
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