Holy shit.... Nyjah won??? Who would have thought!!
  • joshkalisHoly shit.... Nyjah won??? Who would have thought!!

  • c_mals@bradleyenlow I don't think anyone hates on him causes he's good as fuck, no one can deny the fact that he's amazing but what most people hate on him for and I agree with is that his styles so generic, he has no originality in any of his tricks, he looks like a robot when he's doing any trick, shows no emotion, looks like hes miserable when hes skating and on top of it he's turnin into a cocky little fuck bag recently
  • bradleyenlow@cmskateanddestroy yeah true man I can't deny that but he worked hard to be where he got too today!
  • nik_papagiorgioYou can learn tricks but not style. Tony hawk is considered the best ever and has a same boring style.
  • tat3r_th0t@cmskateanddestroy agreed he is a good skater but the tricks he does lack creativity.
  • ryanbeck👎
  • 4_downLack creativity? Hahaha. He takes your creativity and shits over it with the technically hardest tricks in skateboarding. He is a machine, why so much hate?
  • 4_downI'd rather watch Nyjah skate than see Dylan Reider put on the gayest style ever. Some people are blessed with amazing style and some aren't. Style can't be learnt.
  • tat3r_th0t@4_down thanks for your opinion but I really don't give two shits. You keep your opinion and don't try to fuck with mine. Ok? Thank you.
  • 4_downHaha, @n0thisispatrik kids these days....
  • shane_stephens@4_down haha !! Funny as fuck
  • gerardsdemaNyjah wins everything.
  • mattjanikSurprise of the century no doubt..
  • nastymerasty69Fuck you nyjah.
  • tat3r_th0t@4_down I'm not a "kid" sure I am the child of my mother and father but at the age of 18 I am legally and adult.
  • deang74He's the Tony Hawk of his generation
  • alex_ragesTony hawk was innovative and charismatic. Nyjah is mechanical and boring. Id rather watch jason park or louie barletta then nyjah any day of the week. Plus Hawk wouldn't badmouth fem skaters like a dumbass.
  • t_j_b_kBored of this guy
  • ojonezoI love all these morons saying they are bored of a guy because he's on some next level shit & they wont ever move out of thier Mums house. We are witnessing a new breed adding a whole other level to this game & all they can do is mock his abilities ? Fucking small penis keyboard jockeys.
  • 4_down@n0thisispatrik oh shit this kid is legally an adult!!!!!
  • kikifishermanI would've thought c; i love nyjah
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