❤️❤️❤️excited for tonight
  • iiswhoiis❤️❤️❤️excited for tonight

  • watermelon_xxxlike u so much.
  • d.aa.niYoure tv program on mtv is sooo awesome!!!! #mycrazybeautifullive
  • glitta_vigzOmg @westavenue let's do something cray like this
  • maddielexaI am seeing u at wolf trap on august 12 could u give me a birthday shoutout since august 12 is my birthday
  • taylor_189swiftI love U kesha 😘😂😅
  • __katiie_@pink_doughnuts56 we need to do this
  • alya.kqYou really rock😘 @iiswhoiis
  • josiekohautKe$ha you are amazing! If you followed me I would die!!!
  • marilyndmedinaYes Kesha does rock
  • getting.smaller_Ke$ha, I understand that you have a lot of fans and won't read this but I just need you to know how you changed my life❤ I love your lifestyle "fuck the haters" I get bullied a lot but you honestly showed me how to just enjoy life and those people don't matter and its ok to be yourself and really my outlook on life is totally different now it's not about what people think about you it's about getting out there, following your dreams and taking chances. I really should stop typing because I'm crying my eyes out because you inspire me so much but I just had to get that out there. You changed my life and I could never thank you enough for that I love you.
  • fennerosei wanttt thattt
  • unusedacc002Going a long with @dmfruit that whole thing is exactly what I would've said
  • therealkawtherOur could've beat da shit out of dat ;) @emilyyyjo_
  • u.gliiKesha sucks
  • liismaayyyKesha do rock...!
  • ___katie_rose___@oooooo_k1ll_3m Let me ask you a question. Who has more money than you??? KESHA!!! Who has a recording contract her not you??? KESHA!!! You need SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!! Because @iiswhoiis is so much more awsome than you.
  • jessicacameronn@girlonfire_2001 nuff said.
  • gonzalesarianayea awesome
  • shad_minaj_gagaThat is so true
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