New Givenchy kilt and t-shirt... Zebra rug priceless, chicks love print...
  • ochocincoNew Givenchy kilt and t-shirt... Zebra rug priceless, chicks love print...

  • rexmelli@vaughntra dude will still wash 90% of cornerbacks in the league lol not to mention at least he's accomplished something in life to qualify him as a has been what have u done? Hoes like u are and will forever be "never weres"
  • vonntra@youngking33 it loox like ur a man of the word. U see, talent us not what's in question. A lack of humility and practice of restraint, translates to @ochocinco being a player of yesterday. Marinate on that. And while at it, put thought into calling me a hoe here but quoting bible verses on ur page. To thine ownself be true.
  • vonntraOnly one who us truly insecure would flaunt givenchy when he doesn't have a job. Just distractions from the fact that his life is in shambles.
  • rexmelli@vaughntra ur a clown first I throw hate at this man for no reason now ur holier than thou I can't stand ppl like u
  • rexmelli@vaughntra not to mention he made enough money in his lifetime and maintained it to retire u act like he's broke buying Givenchy lol
  • vonntraHow am I holier than thou? I'm calling u out as the typing contradiction. Like I said, marinate. You'll get it....eventually.
  • vonntraHe did? Google his net worth Chad Johnson net worth: Chad Johnson is a former American football player and reality star who has a net worth of $5 million dollars.
  • vonntraNice money, he can make it last. But not living the safe lifestyle. @youngking33 simple mathematics
  • rexmelli@vaughntra 5 million is more than enough to retire with he already owns all his assets not to mention I doubt that's all he's worth lol can't believe everything u read on google
  • vonntraI can't believe u major in finance and think 5 million AT THE LIFESTYLE hes accustomed to will last him into his 90s @youngking33 ur dumb dude, seriously. No income......all output for how many years? He will never make the amount of money he could have made. Ask Vick. AND HE IS HUMBLE.....
  • rexmelliVick signed 100 million dollar contract with the eagles . . . An 5 million will last him just fine u ever heard of investing? Lol and I love how quick to jump to insults after pretending to be so educated and well mannered
  • rexmelli@vaughntra
  • vonntraI'm now trying to speak to you in terms you can understand @youngking33 we agree it will last. Not buying givenchy....
  • rexmelliHell be fine wether he buys Givenchy or not I assure u good bye ur a hater point blank period @vaughntra
  • rainbigWhoooooo cares !?!?!
  • iillegal_a789Don't spend all your bread...
  • ammar.pandaI want 1
  • 07for7Lmbao
  • greased_up@youngking33 @vonntra who gives a fuck you bitches married to him get off his dick
  • rexmelli@greased_up eat a dick
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