The pool party continues with his brothers! Cricket hasn't been allowed to swim for 3 weeks and now I can't get him out!
  • fozzcookThe pool party continues with his brothers! Cricket hasn't been allowed to swim for 3 weeks and now I can't get him out!

  • karenmb54Looks like tons of fun......
  • miztergoldiesWow looks like a great party 🎉🎉 Beautiful pool! How I wish I could bring my boys here to join the party!
  • warragul_inkyDogs are good bot where are4 and someone s 5 leaf ckiveesop
  • kimmie_wimmieOh my goodness, Christine - what a little slice of paradise this is!! This would be my happy spot for sure!! And I am LOVING that you got the boys together enjoying their swim time!! I bet after the month you had with Cricket, that it's amazing to see things return to 'normal' again!! This pic just made me smile and feel good!! I imagine by the end of the day everything is drenched from their shaking all around!! Hahaha!! Just gorgeous my friend! I hope you had a great weekend! Katie had some tummy upset this weekend - we were at a series of charity carwashes and she must have eaten everything in sight, so she suffered for it yesterday - but thank fully she is ok now! We still had fun - we met with Carolyn and another golden Bombzy (sooo adorable) and went for a walk and then swimming with Paddy and the nieces in the afternoon! Hope you're well and all your boys too! Sending hugs!!
  • ingabrechtoooo this is too lovely, makes me feel all warm and summery! we had two weeks of full on sunshine, now back to overcast grey skies.. boooo! need some cali sunshine in my life!
  • goldengracekelly@fozzcook Great photo! What a Beautiful pool ! How is your pony doing?
  • doloresmenzLovely photo! They look like they are having fun. 😘🐾💦💕
  • andrea_spenceThat's the coolest pool ever! Does it have a doggy wading area too?
  • ginn_huskybeautiful pool to play in! Great pic!
  • cookie_cuteWow!! This is the most amazing pool I have seen. Whooo Hooo!! Yay for Cricket! He is so obsessed with the water here! Other two gorgeous boys are very happy here too! Christ! This is a perfect capture of your three 4-legs handsome boys! 👏👏👏
  • doublejtimestwoSuch a beautiful shot! I Love your pool/patio/deck! It is. Lovely place for a pool party! That is the kind of party I would like to attend.
  • nbiegertThat is an amazing pool!! Lucky pups 😘
  • cathrineoovervikGreat patio for water loving dogs!!😃
  • chicago_bearOmg, can Willy come by and play?
  • fozzcook@chicago_bear - Anytime!!!
  • fozzcook@cathrineoov - They love it!!
  • julie12969Gorgeous!!! The pool, the view, the dogs AND the pic!!! Just wow!!
  • buddybearadventuresSo lucky! 😝👍Lovely dogs and pool! We've just been down the canal not the same!😎🐾
  • poly__rocha@alessandro_amaro eu quero essa casa! *-*
  • onebiglabbyI'm going to work really hard. Get a good job. Earn a lot of money and build my a dog a real pool in our house like this.
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