@juicyj turn up mane 💲💣💋
  • mileycyrus@juicyj turn up mane 💲💣💋

  • protip_kyle_broflovski_phanDear Miley please read this. Me and my friends basically made Tuesday a holiday every week to watch your show then it got canceled I was very upset and so was my friend. Then my friend moved. Then my school closed. I was the new girl at school and my favorite memory's I had we're watching that show with my best friend. I know I am just one more comment that you will get but please. Go back to being you
  • protip_kyle_broflovski_phanIf you really feel as though you love doing what your doing then keep doing it but I will say one more thing imagine yourself in 3 years would you rather be singing country or that pop music you came up with I am not saying you have to bring back Hannah Montana but It would mean the world to me if you sang country again and didn't twerk as much if you read this thank you if not i understand
  • tyedyer13^^^^^^Fuck all yu haters let her do as she pleases she is a grown ass women. Get a life and stop worrying about @mileycyrus next move keep it up miley do as your little heart desires
  • lizijohannitaRubro rubro jejejeje je
  • nickmartinezc98You were so flawless, pls come back to this 😭
  • aninha2013If only @mileycyrus would help me!!!
  • briannakhalifa_SICK ASS INVITE
  • karlosmithhPls come back to dissss,yoj were so flawless
  • kylieannbuterbaughI wish I could just sit down a talk to you for an hour. I would even be okay with 5 minutes. I want to hear what you have to say about the world and what's around us. I don't think many people understand you. I wish they did. I think a lot of people would love to just change and become a different person, people like me have it easier than you because people don't care what we do or what we become but people care what celebrities do and how they behave. Young women do this all the time but people don't make such a big deal about it. I wish people could understand what you've been through and how you see the world. I wish people were accepting of you as I am. I look at you and see someone who has been brave enough to do what she wants and not care what others think about how you dress or how you style your hair. I wish there were more people like you out there. Then I think we would be getting someone rather than just sitting around judging people for who they are. That's not what we are supposed to do as humans. We need to embrace what and who we are. We weren't meant to be judged and I don't know why people do it so often. If only people could actually see what their judgments and rude remarks did to people. I guess I just have wishful thinking. I love you and all you do Destiny Hope Cyrus. Thank you for being you ❤️
  • emmanuel@mileycyrus please follow me back and read what I wrote on the picture of you (miley fans help and tag her please) 💕Im also doing a marathon of YouTube videos about FAME inspired by Miley if you guys want to watch !
  • seeergiiioooplease miley, one like of my photo in my account is my dream :'( please only one like D': @mileycyrus please Im criying
  • tiannabitch23LOVE the confidence
  • damaryoSo when you tryna pay for my college?
  • miley_ray_cyrus125U look soooo good here
  • isavvecina❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • isavvecinaSince always
  • isavvecinaLove you
  • molinaangela_Crush
  • hmay710LOVE! I hope you work together again soon ❤️❤️❤️
  • sonfeci_odun@mileycyrus
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