Live stream with #CODGhosts gameplay starting at 11a PDT!! Come watch and tweet me :)
  • ijustineLive stream with #CODGhosts gameplay starting at 11a PDT!! Come watch and tweet me :)

  • mikebarbreKills me I missed you at #VloggerFair #Seattle. Are you going to make it back next year?
  • joezaccaiGood job :)
  • finn_20Post a pic with syndicate @ijustine
  • jakesamilowwGood job! I was there the whole time. U did great!
  • dax_karr
  • heymansorry👍👍👍
  • orionsangelWow, Next Gen is Last Gen!
  • yeti_carterCool beans
  • aquaspartan@ijustine what happened between u and @tobuscus
  • donell_browneLucky bitch i have to go there
  • avoxoseCool!
  • omgagamer1234BF4 will be better than Ghosts. Before all you CoD people start squeaking I have no problem with CoD I just Prefer the Battlefield Franchise
  • _abdulrahman😍😍😍
  • finn.nicholson@ijustine please give me a shutout I watch all your yet bids and see you on you tubers react
  • finn.nicholsonI mean yt vids
  • jenniferbarski@ijustine ahh, so this is what you were talking about... cool! I hope you had a good time! :) I totally would have watched if I hadn't been working. I'm always working. at least your job is fun!
  • a3547j@omgagamer1234. I agree battlefield is going to be beteer but I will still get both
  • m_jenkins07I watched that on YouTube and for one, you were awesome and two, I'm freakin excited for that game! It looks so beautiful an more personal than the other CODs. Already preordered it!
  • kevincoyle4Girl gamer lol swoozie
  • anthonymillan_I would love to have the xbox one right now my family can't afford to get an xbox one for me for christmas. I'm trying to save up for one but this is a great opportunity. i currently have the xbox 360 but if i had the one i would friend you, use the money i saved up to get the lego movie game, destiny, and gta 5 lol. Hope you see this. and i currently only have $240 saved up which took me 4 months to get
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