Chicken Coops almost finished on our ranch! Can't wait to get some hens in there! Fresh eggs anyone?!
  • katherineheiglChicken Coops almost finished on our ranch! Can't wait to get some hens in there! Fresh eggs anyone?!

  • ergospazmoAwesome :)
  • onlyoneshoe_love your for that!!:D xx
  • mydearhazelUmm seriously, i am in oakley, and i have been searching for fresh eggs. SEARCHING.
  • brittalovesfashion@ellenpompeo has hens too - maybe you Can get some hen-advice LOL 😃
  • vetaminCan i be your veterinarian???plzzzzz
  • oluwa__pelumiCool
  • _lorindaMy dad made one too, they are delishhh!
  • dallybickWe have a whole farm; chickens,ducks,roosters,cows bull,steers,longhorns,milk cow dogs,cats, and a horse and etc. @katiemheigl
  • evergrowingfarmFresh eggs are the best! You won't ever want a factory egg again 😊 congrats on the coop!
  • natmurthDig deep and watch those foxes!
  • notis7777That's pretty cool @katiemheigl hope it turns out great!! Wouldnt mind having one of these things too! all about being self sufficient & eating healthy these days.
  • jkrbbtThat's awesome we are going to build a small on for our house that sits on 60 acres in NH..
  • odelia_cohen_zrikerAren't you vegan?? Eggs belongs to the hens! It is not food!
  • summeraby@odeliazriker actually unless the egg is fertalized by a rooster there's no baby inside. Kinda like eating a hens period, sorry for the comparison.
  • odelia_cohen_zriker@summeraby it is not really true. to the chicken have a need to warm eggs even if it's not fertilized. If u took the eggs they will incubate other things which can harm to their body.. They freak out if the cant find something to incubate so they can harm each other!!! Please if u want take the eggs, don't take them all.. Leave some for the hens..
  • odelia_cohen_zriker@summeraby just now i understand u.. And yes you right it is a really good comparison!
  • melrabaioliiSo cuteee 😊
  • koqueenYes!!!
  • leonsetkaEat more eggs!
  • leelee_girlUm, yes please!
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