3:01am. Nashville rehearsal.
  • lennykravitz3:01am. Nashville rehearsal.

  • maru_aguantetodoYou ' re the Love Of My Life!
  • victoriamoralezThis is where it's at! Flow right brain flow!
  • victoriamoralezThis is where it's at! Flow right brain flow!
  • jmc__84Coolest dude on the planet!
  • swtvintagloveYour amazing! My sister @jaceyliane and I saw you in CT a few years back and I have to say your the best musician/concert I've ever seen! We had nosebleed seats and you actually said to come up and get closer, so I said j let's go and we did ! We ended up 10th row area! Amazing, you made our night! Thanks for your beautiful gift! xoxo
  • sonymusikaCool foto!!!lenny!!!
  • jaceylianeAww @swtvintaglove @lennykravitz it was truly an amazing night !
  • pesegohello! .. where my boy walks more fun, sexy, applied, responsible, sensitive, loving, hardworking insatiable legendary rocker, supercrazy, supercool @lennykravitz
  • brianeshippNice one of the greats
  • cruzes5Mmmhmm
  • juhanesovicYou are sitting behind something I am dreaming about
  • eliseefergI ❤drums
  • ugetmade#toolsofthetrade
  • bellal0I will always remember when my mother got me your cd, and my love for you and your music began
  • spodlahaNice :D
  • julia030986When could belgian fans listen to you again? @lennykravitz
  • amy_sallHi Lenny, this is Amy from Rick Owens NY. I've just sent you a message :)
  • tonyflowwGrande lenny!!!!!
  • jpftlaud💫✨everything is a drum✨💫 vibrations✨ @lennykravitz ....stirring up our biochemistry✨ 💫changing & rearranging our love matter✨for a higher purpose✨💫
  • jpftlaud✨plus the angle of you gaze is so engaging✨💫
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