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  • adelinerecords@stickupkidca Monday

  • _sadiebell_Is there an actual adeline records store? Or is it just an online store??
  • verytalltreeI think there used to be an actual one but it might have been just clothing...idk for sure but it's not there anymore so yeh
  • jc_sseThere's a record company and there was a clothing store, I'm fairly sure.
  • punxie89Not sure if there was an official store, but there used to be a foretaste clothing line called Adeline Street. It was sold in different counties in random punk rocker stores. It was designed by Billie and Adrienne, but they stopped working on it in 2007 our 2008 cause of GD's new album and Adrienne co-owned a store. Now they just sell Adeline records merch from the label site. You can sometimes find stuff from the clothing label on eBay. I got a gorgeous dress that way. @_sadiebell_
  • punxie89Omg what the FUCK autocorrect!? Foretaste? I'm trying to not laugh out loud in the subway right now. I meant seperate. @_sadiebell_
  • pamona_rockI love @stickupkidca
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